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Internet has become an integral part of our lives today. It can be referred to as a series of computer networks by which data can be transmitted by using the Internet protocol.  Its origin can be traced to the USA when the Semi-top-animation-college-in-bangalore-Joseph-Carl-Robnett-LickliderAutomatic Ground Environment (SAGE) program came up with a country-wide radar system in 1958.  The intention was to take control of the technology from the former USSR that had launched the satellite Sputnik earlier that year.
Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider or Lick as he was popularly known was the head of the committee that worked on the SAGE program. Lick appointed Lawrence Roberts who worked with him to develop two interconnected nodes as a part of the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET).
This ARPANET was the basis of the present day internet that we use extensively use.  However, it was only in 1974 that the term Internet was used for the first time for describing a single global TCP/IP network and it was on the first January 1983 that hosts on the ARPANET switched over from the older protocols to TCP/IP.

India-college-best-animation-animaster-Tim-Berners-LeeDespite all these initial developments, it took almost a decade for networks to gain acceptance. Tim Berners-Lee is credited for the discovery of the web in 1989, but it was only by the mid 1990’s that it not only gained acceptance and started to be used on a large scale.
At present, it is said over 2 billion people use the internet! Though scores of people surf the Internet, E-mail has been the most popular feature that people use. This is apart from computer users to connect to other computers as well as send files through e-mail, FTP, peer-to-peer networks etc.

Understanding about Web Animation

Web Animation can be termed as a fusion of Web Design and Animation. As a course of study, it has been in existence from the early 2000’s. To understand it better, we should be able to distinguish it from both traditional and UI animations that are in vogue at present. But in simple terms, web animation can be termed as ‘utilizing technologies like CSS, JavaScript, HTML, Canvas, WebG, SVG for animation purposes.” However at times, properties of motion like opacity, colour, blur, form would not require any movement. In that case, the others are animated which display non moving properties.

The earliest reference to animation on the internet or the World Wide Web can be traced to 1987 when .gif files were used to create basic animation. All it involved was to bring life to characters with a little ‘style’! Addition of sound slowly made its presence to entertain people who visited the websites.  It was at this juncture in time that ‘Flash’ as software began to be used.  This was mainly used for web cartoons as well as games. Once the ‘fad’ for Flash based games ceased, JavaScript-based animation caught on especially FrontPage and DreamWeaver got used extensively. Nowadays, however, web designers are trying to integrate CSS animations with SVG files, JavaScript libraries to extend the basic animation so that they are able to increase usability, inform and educate users, and to make it easier for them.  The interactive design has become the basis for a new kind of ‘story telling’ off late.

Types of Web Animation


The following are two of the commonly used web based animation:

Masters-degree-animation-india-top-college-animaster-web-animation-loading-photoWaiting animations: This refers to animation that is done to show the user what is happening in the background.

Interface element animation: Here, the animation shows the user that their actionBest-Animation-degree-courses-programs-Bangalore-contact-form-interface has been registered. For example, if one clicks somewhere on the webpage, it could take them to a contact form, open a sidebar or take them to a different page altogether.

It is aptly said that animation is no longer a novelty for web designers. Instead, it is becoming the basis for effective interaction design. All this while animation was assumed to be just change and motion and was there to merely to bring life to inanimate objects. However, with the utilization of motion in a correct manner has ensured interaction in a successful manner. Therefore, it can be said that web animation has come to say and will surely revolutionize both animation and web sectors in days to come.

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