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Diploma in 3D Animation

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The course is organized and distributed into semester scheme. There are 2 semesters in this course where the student gets introduced to digital animation and film making techniques. In the advanced classes 3D animation and production is taught where the student learns advanced rigging modeling and texturing. Semester 1 Fundamentals of 3D Animation The objective of this semester is to enable a student to explore the 3rd Dimension and set high standards of film making and production. Preliminarily, creating organic and inorganic models in a 3D environment, visualizing the materials on different kinds of surfaces and exploring lights.

Code Title Hours Credits IA Marks AE Marks
D3A-0041 Digital Animation and Film Making 30 1 20 80
D3A-0042 Introduction to 3D Software 60 2 20 80
D3A-0043 Modeling Set Environment and Scene Layout 120 4 20 80
D3A-0044 Texturing and Surfacing 90 3 20 80
D3A-0045 Digital Lighting and Render Engines / Project 180 6 20 80
Total 480 16 100 400

Semester 2
3D Animation for Production

This semester takes the student to the next level of 3D, in implementing the anatomy skills required to create character models, skeleton setup to rig characters, giving life to objects or characters with animation, texturing and lighting the world in 3D. Completion of this semester, enables a student to accomplish a short animation clip and explore the Principles of animation

Code Title Hours Credits IA Marks AE Marks
D3A-0046 Advance Modeling 90 3 20 80
D3A-0047 Advance Rigging 60 2 20 80
D3A-0048 Advance Animation 90 3 20 80
D3A-0049 Advance Texturing, Lighting and Rendering 90 3 20 80
D3A-0050 Special Effects for Animation Movies / Project 150 5 20 80
Total 480 16 100 400

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This course in 3D Animation develops the creative skills in animation along with digital formats of animation and film making. This adds up to the career prospects with the added advantage of Diploma from a distinguished recognized university. The structure of the course provides a chance to promote skills with advanced animation, modeling, lighting, rigging, special effects and much more in the most interesting way and makes you industry ready



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