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This course offers you a University Degree in the Visual Effects, where you can learn digital effects, production design and post production tools and techniques. In the advanced stages you also get to learn CG components, Live Action concepts, Digital Pyrotechniques and advanced Camera actions. This course does not only create your foundation in computer graphics and digital lighting cum camera actions, but also contrives a good conception on character sculpting and handling virtual cameras. At the advanced levels Vehicle simulation and animation pipeline is taught alongwith Red camera actions.

The course is segmented into semester scheme. The course has 6 semesters in which the student gets introduced to the world of Animation with concepts of drawing, can explore the traditional skills in computers and understands the digital technology for animation, and finally the special effects which enhance the mysticism and charm of an animated movie.

Semester 1
Fundamentals of Digital VFX

All the fundamentals of digital VFX is taught from concepts of movie making to introduction of Digital content creation tools, which ultimately helps the students in creating their first output as a short commercial product promotion film, by the end of this semester.

Code Title Hours Credits IA Marks< UE Marks
BVE-0011 English – I 60 2 20 80
BVE-0012 Indian Constitution and Ethics 60 2 20 80
BVE-0013 CGI-Fundamentals, Digital Content Making and Motion Graphics 120 4 20 80
BVE-0014 Digital camera, Light rigs and Rendering 90 3 20 80
BVE-0015 Introduction to 3D DCC tools and Animation Principles / Project 150 5 20 80
Total 480 16 100 400

Semester 2
Digital VFX – Production Tools & Techniques

The fundamental concepts & tools used in Pre-production (Production Design), production work and Post production for creating VFX for movies are introduced. Techniques are taught to implement basic shots using concepts learnt from the previous semester.

Code Title Hours Credits IA Marks UE Marks
BVE-0021 Communicative English 60 2 20 80
BVE-0022 Environmental Studies 60 2 20 80
BVE-0023 Digital Sets, Environments, Mattes and Live Action Plates 90 3 20 80
BVE-0024 Introduction to DCC tools & Fundamentals Digital Dupes 90 3 20 80
BVE-0025 Lighting, Rendering and Post Process Pipeline / Project 180 6 20 80
Total 480 16 100 400

Semester 3
Digital Stuntmen / Characters and Creature Effects

All the fundamentals of CG components for character based shots live action are taught in this semester laying emphasis on the technical aspect of creating and integrating digital stand-ins for shots which are practically impossible to shoot in real life.

Code Title Hours Credits IA Marks UE Marks
BVE-0031 Character Sculpting & Modeling for Animation 150 5 20 80
BVE-0032 Skeletal setup Character Rigging and The Motion Capture Pipeline 60 2 20 80
BVE-0033 Key framed Character Animation and Integrating Motion Capture 90 3 20 80
BVE-0034 Generating & Adding AL & Crowd Data 30 1 20 80
BVE-0035 Integrating with Live – Post and Other Considerations / Project 150 5 20 80
Total 480 16 100 400

Semester 4
Live Action Essentials

Advance Live action concepts for VFX are taught in this semester, both on set and off set, including technical and creative shoot planning and coordination

Code Title Hours Credits IA Marks UE Marks
BVE-0041 Live Action Components – Chroma Keying 30 1 20 75
BVE-0042 Motion Tracking Camera & Camera Solutions 90 3 20 75
BVE-0043 Planning a shoot, Chroma Ball & Lighting Ball References 30 1 20 75
BVE-0044 Handling Virtual Cameras 90 3 20 75
BVE-0045 Planning a Movie with VFX / Project 240 8 20 75
Total 480 16 100 375

Semester 5
Digital Special Effects & Vehicles

Digital Pyrotechniques and their uses in movie making are taught along with the technical tools and tool options. An introduction to Vehicle simulators for VFX is made during this semester.

Code Title Hours Credits IA Marks UE Marks
BVE-0051 Digital Pyrotechiniques using DDC 90 3 20 75
BVE-0052 Fluids and other physical effects simulation using DDC 90 3 20 75
BVE-0053 Vehicle Simulation and the Animation pipeline 30 1 20 75
BVE-0054 Integrating SFX with live footage –
Camera, Lighting & Shading Solutions
120 4 20 75
BVE-0055 Post Pipeline for SFX / Project 150 5 20 75
Total 480 16 100 375

Semester 6
Final Cut

Some advance post production techniques are introduced along with advance Camera. Students are helped to get their internship and portfolio guidance is given. The students are expected to finish a showcase able VFX short.

Code Title Hours Credits IA Marks UE Marks
BVE-0061 Advance workflow for Post processes 90 3 20 80
BVE-0062 RED Camera and other advance camera introduced 30 1 20 80
BVE-0063 Portfolio Development & Submission 60 2 20 80
BVE-0064 Internship / Project 300 10 20 80
Total 480 16 80 320

NOTE:   English, Indian Constitution and Environmental Studies are Compulsory subjects for the 1st and 2nd semester



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