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BSc in Graphic Design & Web Development

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This course offers you a University Degree in the Graphic Design and Web Development, where you learn the secrets of creative designing, editing raster images, A/V composition, video editing, motion graphics and markup languages.

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Course Overview

Graphic design is both an art as well as a profession, that anyone who is creative can pursue. When referred to as an art, it involves planning and projecting of ideas and experiences by the usage of visuals and textual content. The purpose for which it gets used, is immaterial, as the content could be digital or physical. But the broad understanding of graphic design is that , it is a process of visual communication that aims to solve problems by utilizing type, space, image and colour. This is ensured by using combinations of typography, visual arts and page layout to get the desired result or output as it may be called so.

The course is segmented into semester scheme. The course has 6 semesters to explore the basics and advanced stages of graphical drawings, Digital photography and videography, doctoring images and several press & print technologies. In the advanced classes’ special effects, Web designing & developing skills will be taught.

Semester 1
Fundamentals of Graphics

This semester starts with English and fundamentals of drawings, further diving into strong concepts of creative design and visualization further culminating in a project with digital story telling.

Code Title Hours Credits IA Marks UE Marks
GDWD0011 English – I 60 2 20 80
GDWD0012 Indian Constitution and Ethics 60 2 20 80
GDWD0013 Drawing Fundamentals 60 2 20 80
GDWD0014 Advanced Drawing 150 5 20 80
GDWD0015 Story Board / Project 150 5 20 80
Total 480 16 100 400

Semester 2
Media and Planning

This semester leads into understanding of the structural and architectural construction of images &videos. Enhancing of digital photography and videos, creating blue prints for designs and interactive media applications are taught.

Code Title Hours Credits IA Marks UE Marks
GDWD0016 Communicative English 60 2 20 80
GDWD0017 Environmental Studies 60 2 20 80
GDWD0018 Digital Photography &Videos 60 2 20 80
GDWD0019 Raster Edits 60 2 20 80
GDWD0020 Doctoring Images /Project 240 8 20 80
Total 480 16 100 400

Semester 3
Urban Graphics

This semester aims at the students using his design skills from the previous semester and understanding how to create related compositing, illustrations, layouts and typography for print media and further take it to a production level, with insights into pre and post press technologies.

Code Title Hours Credits IA Marks UE Marks
GDWD0021 Numerical and Structural shapes 30 1 20 80
GDWD0022 The Art of Logos / Vectors 60 2 20 80
GDWD0023 Typography and Page Layout / Print Communications 120 4 20 80
GDWD0024 Advanced Computer Graphics / Press Methodologies 90 3 20 80
GDWD0025 Branding / Identity Projects / e-pubs / print 180 6 20 80
Total 480   16 100 400

Semester 4
3D Space for Graphics and Web

This semester advances to higher visual communications tools, using 3d technology to create wide spectrum of animated graphics and helping students to realize their most challenging creative visions

Code Title Hours Credits IA Marks UE Marks
GDWD0026 Fundamentals of 3D 60 2 20 80
GDWD0027 Modeling 90 3 20 80
GDWD0028 Texturing and animation 120 4 20 80
GDWD0029 Lighting 120 4 20 80
GDWD0030 Fundamentals of Special effects and Create a 3D logo identity 90 3 20 80
Total 480 16 100 400

Semester 5
Web Animations &Development

Starting with the key concepts of animation and web technologies, students set off in this semester learning motion graphics, audio edits, and video compositions and programming skills. Students are taught to create animated web pages and uploading videos.

Code Title Hours Credits IA Marks UE Marks
GDWD0031 The Web Fundamentals &Technologies 30 1 20 80
GDWD0032 Motion Graphics 90 3 20 80
GDWD0033 C &Scripting for web applications / MVC 90 3 20 80
GDWD0034 Audio and Video Composition 90 3 20 80
GDWD0035 Portfolio Creation / Project 180 6 20 80
Total 480 16 100 400

Semester 6
Languages / DB Structures

The semester teaches creating of SEO friendly web sites, beginning with markup languages and deploying of web pages to work on collecting, organizing, retrieving and managing data in an effective manner by introducing the student to the word of databases. Think in terms of applications like portals for jobs, Matrimony, shopping carts blogs etc., are all a result of databases for the web &would be the outputs at the end of this semester.

Code Title Hours Credits IA Marks UE Marks
GDWD0036 Markup Languages / Usability 30 1 20 80
GDWD0037 Designing User Interfaces 90 3 20 80
GDWD0038 Server side Languages / Database Structures 60 2 20 80
GDWD0039 Content Management Systems 60 2 20 80
GDWD0040 Validation – Deployment – Project 240 8 20 80
Total 480 16 100 400

NOTE:   English, Indian Constitution and Environmental Studies are Compulsory subjects for the 1st and 2nd semester

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This course in Graphic Design & Web Development enables a student stand out of the crowd in the creative industry with the added advantage of a Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized university. On pursuing this course you become a graphic designer and web developer, which is considered one of the most valuable careers in the present world.
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