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BSc in Gaming

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This course offers you a University Degree in the Gaming, exploring the adventures of interactive science of gaming. Learn the doctrine of Game Art drawings, character-vehicle-weapon designing, and lots more. On the completion of the course you can become an independent game developer

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The B.Sc in gaming is a revolutionary course to all the game-developing aspirants. This course offers you to fulfill your dream in designing and developing computer games which can be accessed via several ultra modern media. You will get to know about the principles of gaming, game-graphics, plug-in, constructing levels, rigging, motion capture data and much more.

The course is segmented into 6 semesters and commencing with the elementary skills in designing and developing games the student becomes a game expert by the cessation of the course.

Semester 1
Fundamentals of Game Design
This semester helps students to build up a solid base by understanding the game pipeline, theory, strategy, concepts and its behavior. He/she explores the design and drawing principles in Game Art by creating game assets and backgrounds resulting in a working side scrolling 2D game

Code Title Hours Credits IA Marks UE Marks
BG-0011 English – I 60 2 20 80
BG-0011 Indian Constitution and Ethics 60 2 20 80
BG-0013 Introduction to computer Game Theory and Design Principles 90 3 20 80
BG-0014 Fundamentals of 2D sprite engines and 2D art pipeline 60 2 20 80
BG-0015 Building assets for 2D based games and Game Play Logic
/ Project
210 7 20 80
Total 480 16 100 400


Semester 2
Game Art Pipeline (Basic)

The emphasis in this semester is to become familiar about 3D games and its process by understanding the different levels in game designing. 3D art content creation is the ground level of this semester. A student would start creating game assets by creating backgrounds, Creatures/characters, vehicles, weapons and properties by using relevant 3D DCC tools.

Code Title Hours Credits IA Marks UE Marks
BG-0021 Communicative English 60 2 20 80
BG-0022 Environmental Studies 60 2 20 80
BG-0023 Introduction to 3D DCC tools and Concepts of realtime 3D 60 2 20 80
BG-0024 Game Graphics pipeline in realtime games 30 1 20 80
BG-0025 DCC game art pipeline – modeling, Texturing and Pre-Lighting Concepts/Project 270 9 20 80
Total 480 16 100 400


Semester 3
Game Art Pipeline (Advanced)
After getting familiarized with the tools and the process of creating the game art pipe-line, students would step into the next level of DCC tools utilization. This semester primarily deals with usage of game assets created in the previous semester and rig them according to their behaviors. Texturing and Pre-Lighting the assets would play the vital role in this semester by creating realistic looking Vehicles, characters and Backgrounds.

Code Title Hours Credits IA Marks UE Marks
BG-0031 Game Translators and Plug-ins 30 1 20 80
BG-0032 Introduction to Middleware (Level Builder & Game Editor) 30 1 20 80
BG-0033 Constructing World Geometry and Lighting inside Middleware 60 2 20 80
BG-0034 Constructing Levels with Assets build externally 150 5 20 80
BG-0035 Play Testing and compiling a playable rudimentary level/Project 210 7 20 80
Total 480 16 100 400


Semester 4
Animation for Games
Animation is the main aspect of this semester. Students are taught animation for gaming in this level, for instance character/creature animation, would be the vital requirement for gaming industry which would be accomplished in this semester

Code Title Hours Credits IA Marks UE Marks
BG-0041 Introduction to Level Scripting and behavior 30 1 20 80
BG-0042 Fundamentals of Rigging and Character Animation with Motion Capture Data 180 6 20 80
BG-0043 Fundamentals of AI and path Finding Algorithms 60 2 20 80
BG-0044 Particles and Effects system in Games 30 1 20 80
BG-0045 Introduction to Custom Vehicles and Weapons/Project 180 6 20 80
Total 480 16 100 400


Semester 5
Game Assets Detailing
In today’s game production, detailed assets are at a very high requirement in the industry. Were-in, in this semester students would be taught more in-depth detailing of game assets using 3D DCC tools without escalating the mesh for its optimum performance in a game engine.

Code Title Hours Credits IA Marks UE Marks
BG-0051 Game Level Optimization and the concepts of BSP trees 60 2 20 80
BG-0052 Compiling a game for Multiple platforms 60 2 20 80
BG-0053 Audio and Sound editing in Games and Creating an In-Game Cinematic’s 90 3 20 80
BG-0054 Game packaging, Data Structuring, Testing and the Art of QC 90 2 20 80
BG-0055 Creating a Self Extracting Executable Map file / Project 180 6 20 80
Total 480 16 100 400


Semester 6
Designing a Game Cinematic
This semester would deal with the pipeline of utilizing the game assets into the game engine and test for its optimal utilization. Students will have hands on experience in using the game engine for testing the performance. At the end of this semester a student would accomplish in creating a game cinematic for his / her own concept.

Code Title Hours Credits IA Marks UE Marks
BG-0061 Writing a Game Design Document (GDD) 60 2 20 80
BG-0062 Game Pre-Production Design 60 2 20 80
BG-0063 Creating a Game Cinematic / Project 360 12 20 80
Total 480 16 60 240


NOTE: English, Indian Constitution and Environmental Studies are Compulsory subjects for the 1st and 2nd semester

[/tab] [tab]Candidates who have passed 10 + 2 (or) any other equivalent to PUC and recognized by the University of Mysore[/tab] [tab]Admission Fee (one time) – xxx INR
Total fees per annum- xx, xxx INR
Examination Fee per semester- x, xxx INR
[/tab] [tab][/tab] [tab]This course in Gaming enables a student to become an independent game developer with the added advantage of a Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized university. The gaming industry is one of the most appealing to the job-seekers. Presently this creative sector has all the attention from the youth as they can both unleash their creative dreams and get a hefty package as well.[/tab] [/tabs]



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