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Benefits of University Education

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The Benefits of University Education have been discussed below:

University education can be a life changing experience for a student. Having a higher educational qualification is one of the most important assets and benefits a job seeker can have. Animaster Animation College focuses itself on the career relevance of all its university programs.

We work with both local and international studios, to develop our courses in tune with the industry, so that graduates leave our premises with the specialized animation, VFX and gaming skills that their employers want. Many employers seek out our students leading to a meaningful employment within a month of finishing.

Improved employment prospects: Surveys indicate that a university graduate or a diploma holder on an average earns more and also gets faster job promotions than others. Gaining a university qualification is an essential requirement for several careers. It makes a striking difference on CV´s and for job applications.


Increased salaries: University programs ensure an entry to high paying jobs in the animation industry with faster progression. They are recognized by the industry as having the skills and abilities to take on high levels of responsibility and challenges and are appreciated by employers for their drive to succeed.

Sharpen your skills: University programs are very focused on the specialization area and emphasize on honing your skills on that subject. Years of focused studies, assignments, projects and portfolio building during your learning curve make you a subject matter expert. This provides you with the extra edge required to face the challenges of the animation, Vfx and gaming industry.

New experience & challenge : University education not only provides you with access to high level training and knowledge, but the experience of university life itself can build up many key skills which are important for personal development. Whether going to University means moving away from home for the first time or experiencing a new environment and life, you will find that your learning experience is not confined just to the classes. It´s a great way of meeting new people, encountering new experiences and also making life-long friends.

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