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To be or not to be an UI UX designer- is the question!


To be or not to be an UI UX designer- is the question!

Anyone pursuing a Graphic Design course would surely be desirous being a Graphic Designer. This is irrespective whether one pursues a University Bachelor’s Degree, University Master Degree or a Diploma course after 10th. But not many would be aware of- UI and UX design, a game changer for the graphic designers. Though the ‘U’ as in User is the same in both, there are significant differences between the

UI stands for User Interface whereas UX means User Experience. It must be noted that these two seemingly different fields are in fact closely related, yet different and unique.  UI design is similar to the traditional graphic design in many ways.

As a part of the animation course, one would have studied human anatomy as only by understanding it, that one begins to draw as per the fundamentals of traditional animation.  To understand the differences between UI and UX, in a simplified way, let us compare both of these to the human body.

The organs of our body are nothing but the UX design whereas the overall presentation of the body as well as the subsequent reactions can be equated to the UI design!

To understand the intricacies of UI and UX design in depth

    Though the acronym UI has come to stay, there are quite a lot who would want to call it as User Experience Design. In short, one may come across either UXD or UED being also used alongside UI! This is more so in the corporate world so that they are able to derive customer satisfaction and loyalty. A layman may think that these terms are too scientific.  Well it is not- as these jargons are just to make the Graphic Design that we have known from long a little bit fanciful and appealing!

best-ui-ux-design-course-bengaluru-indiaUI is often discussed in synchrony with UX, which may include the exquisite aura of the device, responsiveness and the content presented to the user. The advancing focus on creating an optimize user experience fostered buddying designers to carve careers as UI and UX experts. Certain computer languages like HTML and CSS, help making it easier to create a strong user interface and experience to the user.

However, there are few who opine that UI design precedes UX.  This is because, in their view, if a product has to be successful and it has to be ‘great’, UX must be followed up with UI.  Though the goals that both achieve maybe more or less the same, an UX designer’s output would be end up becoming a digital product.  Therefore, an UX designer has to ensure that the ‘look and feel’ is taken care so that the brand can convey what the product stands for.

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