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The Ashed Curses


The Ashed Curses

On 9th April, an event on creative writing was conducted by Ms. Fabiha Hyder. Ms. Fabiha, apart from being an author of the book ‘The Ashed Curses’ , is also a student like the rest of us. Her session on ‘Creative Writing’ saw to 25 students from Animaster Academy taking part. Throughout the session. Ms. Fabiha gave examples through her own experiences and how one could be creative. The tips were beneficial to the members of the audience and one could find out how to discover the skill of a writer latent in them. Few in fact clarified doubts they had in starting and concluding a story. The session was also accompanied by her parents and few friend named Sarrah, Shaziya and Khaleel who showed their support and belief on her hard work . On the whole, it was a beneficial sessions for each of the gathered students and it can be hoped that the management gives their encouragement in conducting and holding of such events.

Comment from Ms. Fabiha Hyder

I’m glad i was able to promote my book ‘The Ashed Curses’ in a foundation like Animaster. It was an amazing experience to be a part of various artists, being an artist myself i loved interacting and sharing my views and thoughts with people who could relate to me and understand the objective of my book.. i didn’t just give them knowledge i got to learn something myself as well… Thank you for the immense support and co-operation.

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