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On Friday, April 21 2017, students of Bangalore’s most prestigious and popular animation college, Animaster College celebrated sports day, at the Mount Carmel Grounds.

Students of all courses- Certificate, Diploma, Degree and Masters participated in various events viz.  cricket, volleyball, badminton, throw-ball, high-jump, track events, lemon race and tug of war. The students balancing design and animation softwares on their heads and hurdling in their daily race is a common sight during the chores of an academic session. Thus, the administrators and faculty at Animaster College of animation decided to break the chores and offer the students to play-n-cheer instead.

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The events having good number of students participating, clearly depicted how students needs to be in harmony with nature and outdoor games to balance study and health. The spokesman of the extra-curricular department of the college said that the idea was to give every student a chance to participate in this psyche-building activity. “The college students are quite matured to understand competition, so here’s an attempt to imbibe and boost the healthy challenging attitude in the students. The target is competition, not just participation. It’s an enriching experience for the ambitious digital creators as they are learning to survive on the ground too!” said a senior faculty.

The program started with the welcome speech by respected Principal Sir. The enthusiast students assembled at the grounds before the schedule of opening ceremony. After reading the oath and chanting the National Anthem loud and clear- everyone together, he declared the event open.

Sports DayOn your marks – Set – GO!” …and the first event of the day started. It was 400m sprint for boys. Then the girls took lead of the track and contested the 200m sprint and 50m Lemon race.  On the other side of the ground, the participants and event in-charge of High Jump witnessed unexpected wonderful performance by amateurs. Then the most awaited events- Cricket, Football, Volleyball and Throwball kept breath on hold, with brilliant challenging performance by the teams.

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The track could see a very steady combat among the contenders. Ajay, a final year Digital Art student took the lead by giant leaps from the beginning and mesmerized the spectators and other athletes with his speed. Every millisecond heartbeat surged with Ajay, Vijay, Kevin, Deepak, Abdullah, Manoranjan, Sashank, Sanjeeb, Rakshith and others winding dust off the race-track! There were 2 rounds of race owing to number of participants. And then the Final round! It was a neck-break round with none leaving an inch to reach the culminating point, at earliest. Kevin looked determined and his feet kissed the winning mark. Deepak and Vijay completed the race in 2nd and 3rd position respectively.

In the 200m race for girls, Harini, Swathi and Kaveramma completed the race in lightning speed, with just fractions of inches among them to spare! The long jump arena was dazzled with double jump and somersault stunts, by Abdellah, a Bachelor’s degree student, after the final, as a stint of winning the numero-uno position in the Final round.

Spotted quite dashing on the volleyball court, Chairman Sir portrayed his sport-skills at par with the young staffs and students. On being asked of his views on games and sports, he claimed “sports is not just for fun. Rather it helps build, retain and enhance confidence, skills, esteem and ethos, for both the genders.

Sports Day Best Animation Design College

The Head of Graphics and Web Department declared the culmination of a fantastic day, and advised the students not only to participate in such events periodically, rather get engaged to outdoor games on regular basis, which builds health, team-spirit and refreshes the mind!

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