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The late 19th century

  1. W. Goodwin invented the celluloid film in 1887 that he made of gum cotton and gum camphor.after-10-12-what-best-professional-course-frank-godwin
  2. Emil Reynaud in 1892 invented the Praxinoscope.
  3. In 1893, Thomas Alva Edison developed the Kinetoscope.


The first 30 years of the 20th century

  1. James Stuart Blackton in 1900 makes The Enchanted Drawing which is the first ever animated short film
  2. Emile Cohl in 1908 produces the first ever animated movie Fantasmagorie
  3. In 1914, Windsor McCay makes Gertie the Dinosaur
  4. Otto Messmer along with his 1920 creation Felix the Cat.
  5. The first ever animated venture by Walt Disney in 1922- Laugh-O-Grams
  6. Debut of Mickey Mouse in 1928 via “Steamboat Willie
  7. Establishment of Warner in 1930



  1. Late 1930 saw emergence of iconic characters like Betty Boop, Popeye the Sailor etc.
  2. Leonard Charles Huia of New Zealand makes A Color Box using Walt Disney’s technique of using 3 strip Technicolor animation.
  3. 1937 sees to the release of the first ever first full-length animated film- Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  4. 1940 sees to emergence of few more iconic characters like Woody Woodpecker, Tom and Jerry, etc.
  5. Though animated series, movies were continued to be produced and released, the next major development was ensured by Edwin Catmull. He was responsible for creating computer generated movies during his stint at the University of Utah

1990 onwards


  1. The 1990 released The Rescuers Down Under is the first animated movie to be made using digital ink and paint as well as without a camera!
  2. VeggieTales and Insektors released in 1993 is credited to be the first CGI animated series, the former in French
  3. 1994 sees to the release of Toy Story which is the first fully computerized animated film
  4. In 2001, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within a Japanese-American computer-animatedscience fiction film becomes the first photorealistic computer-animated film
  5. Wizards and Giants becomes the first flash animated film when released in 2003
  6. Appleseedand Steamboy released in 2004 is a purely cel-shaded animation
  7. Corpse Bride that premiered in 2005 becomes the first movie to be shot with digital still cameras
  8. In 2006, Freedom Project (in Japanese) uses what can be considered as ‘2.5D’ animation
  9. Flatland enters the record books in 2007 for being the first animated feature to be digitally animated by a single person
  10. The next year (2008) sees to the release of Fly Me to the Moon is the first film to be designed, created and released exclusively in 3D
  11. James Cameron’s Avatar released in 2009 becomes the fastest animated movie to earn $1 billion. Another feather in the cap is the usage of animation with live action to create humanoid creatures.
  12. 2010 sees Toy Story 3 earning $1,00,00,00,000 thus becoming the first animated movie to earn that amount worldwide.
  13. ParaNorman in 2012 is the first to use stop-motion films for printing 3D models


Time has taken a long ride since the initiation days of animation. Development of softwares, techniques, technology, tools have seen a radical evolution over the decades. The needs and platforms have also expanded manifolds.
In the modern stature, there are several ways a true aspirant can fulfill his/her creative dreams. A career in animation is now a lofty choice, which offers creative satisfaction blended with commendable salary package.

A student pursuing bachelor’s degree in animation from the prestigious Animaster College, Bangalore has accumulated data to write this article. If you like this, plz have a look in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, prepared by another team from the same animation college.