Need for Animation training in School

Advantages of implementing Animation as a subject in your school

Advantages of implementing Animation as a subject in your school

International standard animation training methodologies incorporated within the curriculum, gives the school a competitive edge. It assists the school in providing a platform for their students to showcase their talent. Most importantly, it assists the school in instilling a career focus in the children at a very young age, making your school a class apart from other regular educational institutes.

YYou will have a chance to set up an Animation studio on campus and trained students can contribute by creating animated modules, videos and processes, design newsletters, year-books, logos etc for the school.

Why Animation when I have smart class facility at my school?

Smart class facility is a system where teachers use pre-animated commercially available videos for teaching purposes. The child is not involved in the video creation process and thus neither in the repeated content. YAP (Young Animator Program) is all about teaching the student how to understand the topics well enough and develop the animations himself.

YAP teachers are senior and seasoned , with rich experience in animation production. They utilize effective teaching methodologies to train students. They adopt a practical approach to ensure that the students get a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

Animation is definitely a value added education.

Animaster Animation College topping the list for best animation institutes in Bangalore, offers three levels under the YAP program which have been customized so as to suit the skill sets of various age groups. Each level of Yap has been created with an objective of gradually developing the child’s knowledge and skill in line with their interest, through practical assignments.

A child’s personality development is also incorporated in the curriculum. It improves their sense of proportion and general principals vastly, which in turn assists them in project work and practicals. A YAP certificate from our end is awarded to every student after completion, giving them an industry recognized certification.

And of course! A great career opportunity for students

Students will have an early exposure and a wider opportunity to choose their career path as they finish their schooling. Animation throws up great career opportunities for students in the fast growing entertainment, design, broadcast, and advertising, web publishing and print mediums.