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Animaster for school kids

Animaster for school kids

Animaster Animation College has been in the animation industry for 10 years now. It has been the best institute with rich experience both in the training as well as the production side of animation. Being in animation education for so long, We have felt the need to introduce animation at the school level and nurture and tap young minds at the right age. This helps in molding their interests and abilities so that when they need to make a career choice in future they are well equipped with the knowledge to choose the right path.

Make the right choice

Children today are pampered with choices, but these choices make them more confused and frustrated. We understand the need for focusing and harnessing their talent in the right direction. This is of great importance at this juncture. We train the students artistic abilities by introducing basic traditional drawing, classical animation techniques with pencil and paper, slowly taking them through the adventurous journey of modern animation exploring their creative potential to the best and also expose them to the latest technology and trends in the industry. The young kids get to experience the thrill behind gaming, movies and more.

What is YAP?

Animaster Animation College program for school kids is called YAP – The Young Animator Program. We work closely with schools to introduce animation as a co-curricular activity. Apart from that we conduct weekend workshops and summer camps for kids in the age group of 5-15 years.

This also helps with their regular class activities at school by improving upon their drawing skills, shape, form and proportion. Our team has been well groomed to work with young children with patience and perseverance. The course material is extensively researched and formulated by our R&D team. Our labs and classrooms are equipped with the right tools, light boxes, drawing boards and state-of the-art computers with the latest software.

Enroll now!

Since art knows no barriers of age, gender or academic acumen in this field, we teach your kids with special care and compassion irrespective of their mental and physical challenges keeping in mind all their needs and necessities. Animation is an all encompassing awe-inspiring creative field which welcomes one and all. Your child needs to experience it to believe it.

Schools, come join the fun. Parents, enroll your child today!