BSc degree in animation, BA in animation Diploma in animation, 3 year BSc degree in animation

Programe Interactive Elearning Applications

Certificate in Interactive E-learning Application

This course is an ultimate opportunity to earn a University Certificate in Visual Effects and learn the different techniques of animation, ranging from the fundamentals of 2D drawing and camera actions to exploring and creating dynamics and special effects in 3D animation.
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This program details the finer aspects of E-learning Design, Development & Implications on a practical level. It teaches the student the art of effective Instructional design, cost efficient course delivery formats and tools & techniques to develop and deliver e-learning content with respect to popular standards like SCORM & AICC. Qualitative & quantitative aspects with respect to e-Learning assessment are covered.

Code Title Hours Credits IA Marks UE Marks
1ELA-0011 Instructional concepts & design 60 2 20 80
1ELA-0012 Using tools and technologies to create and deliver e-learning Content 120 4 20 80
1ELA-0013 E-learning standards – SCORM & AICC 60 2 20 80
1ELA-0014 Qualitative and Qualitative Methods of Assessment & Evaluation 120 4 20 80
1ELA-0015 Effective course design for e-learning 120 4 20 80
Total 480 16 100 400


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Candidates who have passed 10th standard (or) any other equivalent

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Admission Fee (one time) –                                               xxx INR
Total fees per annum-                                                   xx, xxx INR
Examination Fee per semester-                                                  x, xxx INR

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This course in Interactive E-learning Application enables a student to stand out of the crowd in the creative industry with the added advantage of a Certificate from a recognized university. The structure of the course raises your skills in SCORM &AICC, course design in the most interesting way and makes you industry ready

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