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About This Project

Young Animator Program for schools

Animaster has been leading in the list of animation institutes in Bangalore for best training, excellent infrastructure and good course material. The ‘Young Animator Program’ (YAP) is Animaster‘s unique training module for schools. It has been designed especially for young students, to give them an opportunity to learn animation in the school campus, in parallel with their regular curriculum.

Various spectrums and elements of animation training are required to produce ‘Actors with Pencils’ called Animators. If a child has the basic skill to draw, zeal to explore new things and is able to implement the techniques that they learn, then he/she can become a



YAP in schools will help tap and enhance your students’ creative potential

Students are taught all the principles of animation in simple yet exciting modules, gently developing and kindling their inner, hidden creativity. The creative burst leads to a thirst to learn and implement more and the modules are upgraded technically as the student climbs higher classes. Towards the end of the program they are ready to create a full-fledged animated portfolio of their own, by exploring their fullest talent and technical knowledge.

Will YAP distract my students from the school curriculum?

On the contrary, YAP will help expand their creative horizons and make them understand the subjects in a simpler, better way. It is also observed that irrespective of their academic abilities, all students grasp animation and enjoy this field.