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The programs offered at Animaster are recognized worldwide

All our university programs are professional courses, recognized by the national level statutory bodies established for the maintenance of norms and standards. Our university degree and Diploma programs are recognized worldwide with an exchangeable credit system. The courses, programs and curriculum have been structured considering the global approach and reach. The alumni and pursuing international scholars express their comfort zone at Animaster.

Students who will be relocating to study on campus read on
Are the programs affordable at Animaster College?

As Animaster considers spread of education as the foremost priority, the fee structure of the quality education offered by Animaster has been kept within the reach of every income group. So study at Animaster College and be a part of an educational system that lives with the values of quality and honest teaching. The average cost of studying in India is one-fourth of that charged by western universities.

Do I need to give GRE, GMAT, TOEFL or any other test to join Animaster’s University programs?

We do not insist on the above scores. The programs are taught in English and as such basic knowledge of English is required. English speaking classes are also provided to support the student.

What kind of accommodation is provided to foreign students?

We provide good quality hostel accommodation for all our foreign students. This is furnished accommodation with a variety of food to suit your taste. You may also cook the food of your choice. If you wish, you may also stay outside in private accommodations and rented flats.

How does Animaster College help with the study visa process?

You need to complete your admission through the online process as per the requisites of the course. Animaster College will process your admission for the desired program. If all documentation is submitted in adherence with University guidelines, we will complete the admission acceptance and support you with the relevant paperwork. You may apply for the visa in accordance. Be well prepared in advance, so that you don’t miss any last dates.

What other support can I expect from the college?

The Administrative and student support team at Animaster are trained to care take of foreign students and their specific needs. Once admission is accepted, we will help you plan the dates of travel as also with the calendar of events and exam schedule of the academic year you wish to join for. You may choose to visit home during the official holidays in the calendar. Do discuss your requirements with us well in advance.