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About This Project

Animaster Academy is among the best multimedia corporate training companies in India offering man-power training

Animaster‘s corporate training division is uniquely positioned to leverage its breadth and depth of expertise to deliver relevant industry certified programs, workshops and seminars that meet your organization’s training and development needs. Animaster lists among the top corporate training services companies in India. Our corporate training services provide a comprehensive portfolio of customized staff training solutions for companies across Bangalore. These are sure to help your business obtain and sustain a competitive edge. Our qualified training team has extensive experience of developing and delivering skills training.

Our programs are created in collaboration with corporate resources and industry subject-matter experts. Our ability to leverage Animaster resources, both on-site and within our facilities, enable us to impart industry-specific training that is both relevant and educational. We are committed to provide the best quality corporate training based on your requirements.

Animaster‘s Animation Corporate Training wing is armed with more than 10 years of experience in training more than 60 companies in Bangalore and across India. Our professional trainers have been doing an excellent job in bringing state-of-the-art knowledge base and skill set to offer customized multimedia, animation and vfx training solutions to your employees.

Highly competent trainers

They are real-time trainers who are very much a part of the current industry. They come with a rich background both in teaching as well as in production. They bring a practical approach to the training. We make sure that the right trainer is put to the training program , based on the particular course you are interested in.

Exhaustive course-material

The courses are taught with ample examples and assignments, which make the lessons easy to comprehend and implement it as well.

The need for Corporate Training programs:

Today, the world has become very fast-paced. It is the jet-age and as the saying goes, the only thing that is constant is change. When such is the case, there is always a need to keep abreast of the latest technologies and software used in the industry. The trends in the corporate sector are always seeking professionals who are one step ahead of the game so that they can meet their targets with ease. It is impossible to keep hiring new staff to meet the requirements of this ever-changing scenario. Instead, providing relevant professional training to your current set of employees is a prudent option. This also brings about self-sufficiency in the company, thereby making it favorable to train the current set of employees rather than hire a new set to suit the changing requirements.

Technical Assistance provided

We support you with the technical problems you would face with PCs, desktops or laptops while installing the relevant software. Even after the training has been successfully completed, we are always there to lend a supporting hand should there be a problem or query.

To find out how Animaster Corporate Training Centre can help your company reach its training goals and objectives, contact us immediately. We also look forward to train your employees and achieving their on-job learning requirements. So what are you waiting for, give us a away and spruce up your employee skill-set.