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Affiliations and Recognitions

About This Project

The professional university courses offered by Animaster are in collaboration with the KSOU. KSOU a leading government university started in 1996 with the intention to provide access to high quality education to everyone, everywhere, irrespective of age, location and economical background .KSOU is a recognized University of DEC , New Delhi, regular member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), Delhi, permanent member of Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), London, UK, Asian Association of Open Universities (AAOU), Beijing, China and also has association with Commonwealth of Learning (COL).

Unlike other lesser known and public-private universities that are emerging every day, KSOU is one of the oldest, extremely trustworthy and safe Universities to pursue your higher education with. KSOU‘s curriculum and approach to studies conforms to the highest standards. Learning, Quality, Integrity, Diversity, Freedom of Inquiry and Expression, Accountability, Access to Underserved, Adaptive and Responsive, Innovation and Collaboration are the chief values which form the pillars of this esteemed organization.

Animaster Academy offers close to 100 programs in a bouquet of University B.Sc Degree in animation, Post Graduate Masters, Diploma & certificate programs in Multimedia, Animation, and Graphic Design, Web Design, Multimedia, VFX and Gaming. The entire lists of courses we offer are recognized and acclaimed world-wide. The B.Sc program we offer is more advanced than the BA in animation offered by some of the other universities.