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What qualifications should applicants have?

To enroll for the University courses the student needs to possess these documents:
For Degree Courses: 10 + 2 pass certificate from any recognized Board of Education
For Diploma courses: class 10 pass certificate from any recognized Board of Education (for 1yr Diploma)
For the Certificate courses: Class 10 pass certificate for some courses
For Animaster Programs one need to have knowledge in computer basics
Animaster Academy also trains on Basic Computer skills and Internet Operative Proficiency.

Why is registration important? What is the registration process?

Registration is required to attend all workshops / classes / programs.
Click on the Apply Online page. This is the Animaster Animation College’s Official Registration Portal.
You will be asked to fill the required data and then redirected to the payment page. You are offered a number of choices of payment gateways.
Please note that registration does NOT secure a place in programs.
After the receipt of full payment, your batch details will be confirmed.

Will I have to attend classes at a campus?

Yes. Most of the classes are campus based and the student needs to be physically present at the allotted campus / classroom for the training sessions

What courses may I opt?

Refer to the Programs page for the most up-to-date source of information on Animaster Animation College courses

Is financial aid available?

Generally we do not provide any financial aid in the process of admission. For further queries or request, please write to

Who are the Faculty members?

Classes are taken by the best and most experienced and competent faculty members who have oodles of experience and credentials backed by unparallel skill set and industry based knowledge to suffice all your relevant course related queries and ensures that you are prepared for real-life challenges.

Where do I get course materials?

You may request for the Study Materials through our e-resources or at campus.

Will my earlier knowledge, certificates and education programs be counted for these courses?

It completely depends which field of studies you rest on. If it is in Multimedia or Animation or Visual Arts studies, it will surely help you

What is Multimedia?

It is the platform where you can impose new ideas for practical output that may be seen, played, or accessed in several media like – Video, Music or other audio, Animation, 3D software and other.

Will there be any other formalities afterwards for registration?

There are regular updates & upgradation of courses for which a notice will be put up. If you are willing to register, you’ll be guided through a simple process.

Where is Animaster Animation College located?

Animaster Animation College has been providing acclaimed training and guidance throughout its base country, India, and across the globe. It is headquartered in Bangalore, India and regulates its classroom, online & corporate training programs from here.

What is Netiquette?

Online manners and rules of conduct for Internet users are termed as Netiquette. One of the primary rules of netiquette is not typing messages in all uppercase letters, which is considered the equivalent of shouting.

How are Animaster Animation College’s courses different from others?

We provide a cut-above-the-rest, Global & ultra-modern training techniques, which facilitates the user to adapt the topics in the easiest way. Moreover, the course contents and structure has been prepared with such a universal approach, that learning becomes fun and interesting.



  • 2D


    Classic 2D animation can be regarded as a straightforward approach to create animation in two dimensional context. It involves drawing each frame of each scene minutely.

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  • Graphics


    Graphic Designing can be referred to as a process heavily used in visual communication to edit and create artworks conveying images, text and raster-vector objects.

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  • 3D


    It relates to animating objects in a three-dimensional frame to appear like real objects. It has the power of creating a realm of virtual reality.

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