A brief discussion on Animation apart from Disney!

Non Disney Animations

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Non Disney Animations

Hey there! Hope you have read our previous attempt on Disney Animation. Here, we are trying to discuss about animated movies, which doesn’t have the Disney tag.

In the world of animation, Disney is a name that comes to mind easily. Disney had become almost synonymous with animation as no other studio could delineate the fantasy world with so much detail and finesse! But many competitors emerged and gave Disney a run for their money by producing big budget animated movies that grossed millions of dollars as well as enthralled the audience. Here is a short note on non-Disney productions made by companies which managed to build their own brand name and fan base.

A brief introduction to the Disney studios

Disney studios or The Walt Disney Animation Studios has been in the forefront in producing movies, music, stage plays to name a few for over nine and a half decades now, giving a fillip to animation and designing jobs. It started in a small way when a young man by the first best-graphic-design-course-best-top-college-graduation-game-bangalore-mva-india-walt-disney-studiosname Walter Elias shifted bag and baggage to California in 1923 with the intention to find a buyer for the cartoon that he had made on Charles Lutwidge Dodgson’s Alice In 
Wonderland. Walt’s meeting with a distributor called M.J Winkler on the 16th of October that year not only saw him bagging a contract to make the Alice Comedies, but also marked the start of the 
 Studio. The 22 year old Walt roped in his favorite brother Roy to join hands with him and upon his suggestion that the company was quickly christened as The Walt
Company and started of functioning from Hyperion
Avenue, Los Angeles. While enough has been said about the remarkable work done by Walt Disney and how he revolutionized animation, it is equally important to know the role played by Roy Disney. Despite Roy being older to Walt by 8 years, since he was someone unassuming, he worked tirelessly behind the scenes by ensuring the finances of the company were in order. The greatest achievements that can be attributed to him was after the death of Walt. He ensured that the three animated works- The Jungle Book, The Love Bug and The Aristocrats turned out to be hits in the years 1967, 1969 and 1970 apart from dedicating Walt Disney’s World at Orlando in Florida to Disney fans few months before his demise in 1971.

The dawn of the 21st century has ensured that Disney Studios has been a mixed bag for them. Just five years earlier, they had collaborated with Pixar Animation to produce Toy Story which is credited to be the first
computer‐animated movie.  Within the first few years of the new millennium, certain movies ensured that Disney become the first ever studio to garner US $3bn at the box office! As years have passed by, Pixar Animation got acquired, Disneynature, the 
Disney branded
label was produced, Marvel Entertainment joined their family and very recently, the credit of being the only studio to have two 
in the same calendar year and much more has become a reality. All this developments have certainly proved that Disney studios have stood the test of times and will continue to enthrall audiences in the future as well.

List of movies NOT made at Disney studios

Let us see a partial list of hit animated movies that were not produced or made at the Disney studios:

  1. Anastasiaanimaster-acdemy-bangalore-top-best-no.1-college-animation-graphics-web-anastasia
    This 1997 animated musical movie was made by Fox Animation studios. Though the plot met with serious objections, it made over US$ 135million at the box office apart from being nominated for two OSCARS.
  2. The Road to El DoradoBest-ToP-No1-Diploma-College-Bangalore-The Road To El Dorado
    Made as an animated slapstick movie in 2000, it had a storyline set in the 16th century Spain. Produced by DreamWorks Animation, it made around US$ 75 million.
  3. Shrekanimation-courses-affordable-cheap-fees-professional-creative-shrek
    The first of the Shrek franchisee was made by Pacific Data Images (PDI) in 2001 whereas it was released by DreamWorks Pictures.  Based on the fairytales written by William Steig, it made over US$480 million at the box office!
  4. All Dogs Go to HeavenVisual-arts-degree-animation-fine-arts-degree-animation-course-programs-all dogs go to heaven
    Sullivan Bluth Studios along with Goldcrest Films made this animated musical comedy film way back in 1989.  The story of a German Shepherd made around US$25 million at the box office and was later made into a sequel as well as TV series.
  5. ThumbelinaMasters-degree-animation-india-thumbelina
    ‘Tommelise was a Danish fairytale written by Hans Christian Andersen which  Don Bluth Entertainment made it as an animated film in 1994 by calling it ‘Thumbelina’.  Though it was supposed to premiere a year earlier, it still made round US$10 million at the box office.
  6. Despicable MeBachelor’s-degree-animation-gaming-vfx-graphic-design-courses-programs-despicable-me-movie-poster
    Released in 2010, it was a computer animated movie made by Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment.  It introduced ‘Minions’ to the audience for the first time.  Not only was it well appreciated by the audience, it made over US$530 million at the box office.
  7. ParaNormanBest-Animation-degree-courses-programs-Bangalore-paranorman
    Made by the stop-motion animation studio Laika in 2012, this was a 3D animated horror comedy movie. Set in a small town in Massachusetts, it traced the adventures of a 11 year old who would speak with the deceased! It managed to earn close to US$106 million apart from winning few best animated feature awards.
  8. Ice Ageanimaster-bangalore-top-best-no.1-animation-colleges-ice-age
    Based on the story by Michael J. Wilson, it was made into a computer-animated comedy movie for the first time by Blue Sky Studios in 2002. It showed the adventures of a sloth, mammoth and other animals which earned it a nomination for the best animated movie. Not only did it earn over US$ 375 million, it inspired three sequels by the same name.
  9. Madagascarindias-animation-top-no.1-best-college-madagascar
    This has nothing to do with the large island nation found off the southeast coast of Africa! DreamWorks Animation released this movie in 2005 wherein it talked about four zoo animals that end up getting stranded on the island of Madagascar. It made over US$525 million at the box office and three other sequels were made in quick succession.
  10. Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Returnanimation-courses-affordable-cheap-fees-professional-creative-legends-of-oz-poster
    Inspired by the character Dorothy who first featured in Lyman Frank Baum’s ‘ The Wizard of Oz’ , this 2013 American-Indian 3D computer-animated musical fantasy movie was a collaboration between Summertime Entertainment and
    Prana Studios.  It managed to make over US$ 16 million at the box office.
  11. Kung-Fu Panda
    Another hugely successful movie from DreamWorks Animation was this  computer-animated action comedy martial arts movie that premiered in 2008.  It portrayed the adventures of ‘Po’ who becomes a kung-fu warrior despite hailing from a noodle maker’s household.  It made over US$ 625 million and won several Annie awards.
  12. Eight Crazy Nights
    This 2002 released Christmas comedy animated movie was made by Happy Madison Productions.  It is remembered for being comedian Adam Sandler’s first movie as a voice artist. It earned close to US$ 23 million at the box office.
  13. The Swan Princess
    Released in 1994, Nest Family Entertainment and Rich Animation Studios ensured that they make an animated musical fantasy movie based on a ballet by the same name. Having earned over US$ 7 million at the box office and its consequent success prompted the producers to make four other sequels carrying the same name.
  14. Rio
    Produced by Blue Sky studios in 2011, Rio was a  3D computer-animated musical adventurecomedy movie featuring the adventures of a macaw . Starting from Minnesota, the movie takes us all the way to Rio de Janeiro where bulk of the action takes place. This movie made over US$ 480 million and was nominated for the best original song. Till to this day, it is remembered for the voice acting and stunning visuals.
  15. The Prince of Egypt
    Made by DreamWorks Animation in 1998, this was an unique animatedepic musical biblical  It primarily dealt with the trials and tribulations of Moses and many leading actors of the day provided their voices for each of the characters. Having made over US$ 215 million at the box-office, for the longest time, it was one of the most successful non-Disney animated works.
  16. An American Tail
    This animated  musical adventure movie was made way back in 1986 by Sullivan Bluth Studios and Amblin Entertainment.  It dealt with the adventures of a Russian Jewish mice family that travel to America only to keep away from cats! Apart from making close to US$ 85 million, this film is remembered for the debut of Steven Spielberg as a producer for animated movies.
  17. Balto
    This 1995 animated historical adventure film showcased the autobiography of a wolfdog who had saved children from an epidemic of diphtheria.  It made over US$ 10 million and had scenes alternating from live action and animation at frequent intervals.
  18. Whisper of the HeartBest-Animation-degree-courses-programs-Bangalore-whisper of the heart
    Made in 1995 by the Japanese Studio Ghibli, it was the animated version of the manga ‘ Mimi wo Sumaseba’. Having made over a billion Japanese yen, it was the highest grossing Japanese movie at point in time.
  19. Spirited Awayanimaster-Best-Animation-degrees-course-program-Bangalore-India-spirited-away
    Made in 2001 by the Japanese Studio Ghibli, it has the reputation of being the  most successful film in Japanese history .The story is about  Chihiro Ogino whose parents end up turning into pigs and how she ends up working in a sento to free and make them human once again.  It earned over Japanese Yen 27 billion which was much more than the Hollywood hit Titanic.  Apart from the box office earnings, this movie won an OSCAR for the Best Animated movie as well as the prestigious Golden Bear award.
  20. Quest for Camelotanimation-top-no.1-college-QuestForCamelot
    This 1998 hit was produced by Warner Bros. was largely inspired by The King’s Damosel  written by Vera Chapman.  Several leading stars and singers provided their voices to this animated musical fantasy venture that earned just over US$ 22 million at the box office. It was primarily released to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Warner Bros.

As it is clear, not only in the US, but countries like Japan, South Korea, India and many others are making animated movies. Surprisingly, a career in animation also spans to Iceland in recent times. With computers and cutting edge softwares available to animators, the fantasy world is becoming more and more fantastic and varied. With the rising demands for animators and designers, aspirants are rounding up to the leading animation institutes, for classroom training as well as online courses. This ever expanding field is able to accommodate more brands, more names and companies. The maxim ‘More the merrier’ applies aptly to the animation scene as emergence of more studios and production companies has meant an increase in entertainment.

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