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Modern Education


Modern Education

Advent in education

Most of us, even the young adults may feel that modern schools and education system is not like the one we had. Forget about those in their fifties. They just cannot make sense out of schools and curricula. Most people see the past as good old days when schools were not so stressful and holidays were meant for sports- not for camps, trainings and summer schools. Many elderly people are amazed by the amount of books children carry and courses they study. They are shocked at how expensive schooling is nowadays with donations and hefty school fees. How has our education system changed?

The change for good are:

Schools welcome students of all groups, communities. Schools are not segregated nor is it meant for one caste.

Girls are integral part of education now. Beti Padao is the popular slogan. Earlier women were not allowed in many higher education institutions.Bachelor’s-degree-animation-gaming-vfx-graphic-design-courses-programs-girl-education

Schools recognize different learning styles. Teachers are more adaptive to special needs of children than before.

Schools are focusing not only on imparting education but also on social skills of students.

But not everything is ideal. Society changes, ideas change so also does education system.

Some visible changes for the worse are:

Teachers are not automatically considered worthy of respect. They are not the authority figure

Punishing the child is out of question, teachers have to find ways of controlling undesirable behavior and have no authority over students.

Parents side with children more. They are more willing to bring legal actions against school and teachers at least excuse.

Government run / aided schools suffer from poor infrastructure and amenities. The gap between private and government run schools is seas apart.animaster-India's-No.1-college-for-animation-education-internet-education

There is commercialization of education. Schools are becoming very expensive.

Noticeable diversion in students:

Modern day children are exposed to lots of information that may not be age-appropriate. They are exposed to Television based information on sex, drugs and social behavior at a very early age.

Today children are more techno-savvy than ever before. Sometimes they are more aware of use of gadgets than their older teachers.

Intense competition in school sometimes harms children. Now a days there is lots of pressure on students to excel.

Too many choices makes selection confusing for students.

Too many distractions affect learning style and output.

Nowadays, children come to school with lot more emotional problems than before. Schools have to become counseling centers also.

Modern day education is equipped with latest technology- computer, projector, internet, mobile phone, tablet pc, i-pod, etc. Education is imparted in an avant-garde yet simplified manner. Science is discovering new aspects of life. Internet is providing assimilated-unlimited knowledge just in a click. Learning has opened boundaries in every aspect. Topics are now subjects. There are authentic as well as surmised and deluding information.

Job oriented professional courses and technical education is the traction of the modern system of education. Everyone has a scope to choose his/her choice of subject or interest. Much contrary to the traditional education syatem, which included many such topics and subjects one may not be interested in, but had to study mandatorily, today’s college education offers widest platter of subjects. The modern system of education somewhat reminds of what once the great scholar and philosopher Swami Vivekananda said, “Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man.” One can now study in details on a selected topic, he is fanatic about.

One of such a modern stream of study is animation. This also includes graphic and web designing, Visual Effects, along with 2D and 3D animation. The era of animation is here! Visual-arts-degree-animation-fine-arts-degree-animation-course-programs-mark-twainBe it a product or movie, animation is being used in some form or the other. In recent years, animation is emerging as a very interesting and appealing course of study and as a career option.  It has been seen as an alternative to the usual boring and
stereotyped courses that many trudge into. Animation courses have started competing with what one knew as traditional courses.  Animation certificate, diploma, university degree courses are rivaling other professional courses.

Undoubtedly, animation is a career that is challenging and is a satisfying outlet for one’s creativity, the backbone of the modern system of education. Even within the field of animation, there are several special fields that demand special types of training. However, if one is very passionate about animation and does not want to wait too long before starting the work, one may enter the field even after the final year of high school.
Mark Twain once said, “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” Understanding the call of the day, the creative young folks flock to the top animation colleges in India. And they mark outstanding careers too.

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I am a fresh animation graduate from Animaster College- a leading name in imparting quality education, in an international approach. I got placed recently and I love to scribble my thoughts and experience. Hope u liked it. Thanks again!