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Master of Visual Arts (Animation and Visual Effects)

Master of Visual Arts(Animation and Visual Effects)

A 2 Year comprehensive program for Animation and Visual effects aspirants

Master of Visual Arts (MVA) – Animation, is segmented into a semester scheme. Keeping the character at the heart of every game, video or movie, students will be able to learn and develop the artistic and technical skills that are needed to be a successful character animator. Students will visualize, conceptualize and bring characters to life and give them a personality in an equally stimulating CG scene, with the help of hands-on instructions and valuable industry insights. The program is designed for students to master the art of character performance and storytelling in animation. It provides comprehensive artistic and technical training in designing, sculpting, shading, texturing, lighting and rigging , to help each student specialize as full-fledged animation artists, starting from the traditional to the computer generated animation environments.

Track 1

Concept and Character Design In the first two semesters of this course, students learn the creative process of designing a character and a scene layout. Which includes designing a concept or a character, right from the fundamentals to the details using 3D and sculpting software. On the next level of this course from semester three, students get an exposure in using the digital 3d art for shading and texturing. This helps in completing a design or a concept from initial blocking, sculpting, staging, texturing and lighting to final compositing.

Track 2

Character setup and animation In the first two semesters of this course, students learn the importance of animation and an animator’s role in creating traditional and digital animation. On gaining the fundamentals, students get an ability to create a platform in developing character setup and animating the character with the specific controls using 2D digital technology. In the final year, students learn the process of animation from the level of acting, mimicking and facial gestures, using these you will be able to create animation blocking, key posing, character interaction, facial expression and lip-sync using advance 3D tools.

SEM 1 2D Art and 3D fundamentals
SEM 2 (Track 1) Digital Character Development
SEM 3 (Track 2) Digital Character Setup
SEM 4 (Track 1) Photo Realistic Digital Painting
SEM 5 (Track 2) Character Animation
SEM 6 Project Specialization

A candidate is eligible to apply subject to:

  • Successful completion of Bachelor’s degree. Where the minimum duration of the degree is three years
  • Seat allocation will be based on the Aptitude test

The intake shall be as approved by the University from time to time.

Admission & Tuition Fees – Please contact for detailed fee break-down

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  • Storyboard artist
  • Character Designer
  • Digital Matte Painting Artist
  • Animator
  • Motion graphics artist
  • Logo and Identity Designer
  • 3D modelers/ Character Developer
  • Rigging Artist
  • Animators
  • Visual effects artist
  • Post-production editor
  • Animator for website
  • Multi-media designer
  • Teachers and Professor
  • Special and visual effects engineer
  • Studio engineer
  • Developer for computer graphics tools
  • Medical Animator
  • Architectural Designer
  • Production studio (Movies)
  • Advertising companies
  • Aeronautical engineering
  • Gaming Industry
  • Web media
  • Print media