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About Animaster Animation College Placement cell

Animaster Animation College has emerged as one of the most trusted Institute in the field of Animation. Under the keen guidance of experienced directors of the company, our dedicated team for job-assistance works towards providing effective and holistic solutions in terms of recruitment and placement to the students.  With the aim of providing exceptional and successful solutions in recruitment and placement, we work towards bringing the best of the career opportunities to our students and providing competent candidates to our clients. Our Placement cell provides our students with the best avenues to utilize their skills by helping them find gainful employment with the best and most craved contemporary companies. The Cell is headed by a Training & Placement Officer in charge and assisted by Student Placement Coordinators who lead a team of placement representatives from various courses of study, with individual attention to every aspiring animator and designer.
An academy like ours, not only trains students to be the best in the industry but also makes sure their energy and efforts are duly recognized and used by the best companies there are. Our Placement cell works closely with the Students and Corporate world in order to assure students of bright career prospects. It works efficiently in processing the student‘s resumes so that the right-match for the right-job happens as soon as a student completes his course. Both the employer and the student benefit by their association with a top brand like Animaster Animation College. The objective of the Placement Cell is to mould these technically competent students who pass out from our premises across our Network and suitably place them in Organizations, in line with their interest and skill.

Trends in the Animation Industry

It has been noticed, that there is an increased awareness about the immense scope in the combined fields of Graphic and Web design, Animation, gaming and VFX both among students and parents. They recognize the fact that this industry is maturing and that career opportunities are very stable. Parents have started to support their child‘s decision to take up animation as a mainstream career option. With several universities today offering cutting edge programs in animation, VFX gaming and design, students are opting for a full fledged Degree (B.Sc), leading to specialization of their choice. The numbers have increased significantly. Students who have had problems completing their 10th/12th can also pursue the 2D animation, 3D animation, visual Effects, graphic and web design courses by taking up a diploma or a certificate course too. Since this field does not include complex core subjects like Math or Science, it becomes easy for students have learning issues. We are associated with KSO University for the degree, diploma and certificate courses.

Career options

Animation has become a viable and mainstream career option today. For somebody looking to choose a suitable field, animation definitely offers great promise. It is also a great option to update one‘s skill-set, if already employed in an alternate area. For somebody already part of this great industry it‘s worthwhile to add a few more latest and greatest software, tools and techniques to their repertoire. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Flash, Autodesk 3D Max, Maya, Adobe Dreamweaver, Nuke etc are all the basic software needed to be mastered in order to enter the vast field of animation.

Animation is applied across the following industry segments

  • Entertainment – Movies and television
  • Development of Computer and mobile games
  • Advertising – TV commercials and print ads
  • Publishing – graphics and printing
  • Mobile applications
  • Web designing
  • Engineering
  • Sales
  • Business – product promotions and marketing demos
  • Computer Based Tutorials/Web Based Tutorials
  • Virtual reality in Defense
  • Fashion designing and interior designing
  • Studios and training institutes
  • Medical, legal and insurance industry

Various positions available:

After one has completed a course in animation, be it as a graphic and web designer, 2D animator or a 3D animator, the career options are innumerable. Here are a few :

  • Graphic designer – This job entails creating logos, brochures, posters, visiting cards, book designing, newspaper and magazine ads and all other communication and print media related products.
  • Web designer – As a web designer one gets to design and create and web layouts, flash videos and all other internet related advertising.
  • In-between animator – This is a beginner‘s position in the animation industry where one can learn almost all the basics of animation.
  • Modeler – A person having strong knowledge of form, volume and anatomy. They make models for animation.
  • Background artist – The job is to paint the background of the characters in the project.
  • Layout artist – A person who decides the lighting and camera angles and sketches the background design for the animation.
  • Story Board Artist – People with strong drawing skills are hired as storyboard artists and their job is to visualize a series of events from one animation frame to another.
  • Clean- up Artist – Assistant to the animator, whose work is to trace the animator‘s rough drawing and to check the accuracy and consistency of a design. Scanner operator – Job is to scan the clean up artist‘s drawings.
  • Compositor – Job is to bring all the different characters and backgrounds in to a single animation frame.
  • Character animator – They bring characters to life and generally have knowledge of traditional animation and stop-motion animation.
  • Special effect artist – Combine live-action footage with computer generated imagery.
  • Digital ink and paint artist – Their duty is to add colors to each frame. Key frame animator – Primary job is to draws the pictures of a movement‘s beginning and end.
  • Lighting artist– Create variations of shade, color intensity and shadows. Image Editor – Bring together the various audio-visual components of an animation film.
  • Rendering artist – Combine models, textures, animation, lighting and to produce the correct blend in the form of individual frames of animation.
  • 2-D Animator – They create a very high volume of separate drawings that define an animated sequence.
  • Texture Artist – They create a surface to the 3-D modeled character, object or environment.
  • Rigging artist– Take the modeled, textured 3-D character or object and set it up with a skeletal system or joints, this helps the 3-D character to talk or move fluidly and correctly.

3-D animator – Take the sculpted, textured and rigged 3-D model and put life into it. This is done by putting in order the key frames in such a way that they appear to be lifelike and in motion.India used to be an outsourcing destination some time ago, such as giving final touches for animated characters, storytelling or conceptualization. But giants like Pixar, Disney and Dreamwork Studios are looking at India for more important work in the last couple of years. We also have a lot of our own animation studios coming up like Red Chillies, VFX, Kathaa Animations, Rhythm & Hues etc to name a few.

Animation industry


India used to be an outsourcing destination some time ago, such as giving final touches for animated characters, storytelling or conceptualization. But giants like Pixar, Disney and Dreamwork Studios are looking at India for more important work in the last couple of years. We also have a lot of our own animation studios coming up like Red Chillies, VFX, Kathaa Animations, Rhythm & Hues etc to name a few.

Gaming industry

The gaming industry is a popular one in the US market. “The video game industry is one of those important, high-tech economic drivers. Our industry generates over $25 billion in annual revenue, and directly and indirectly employs more than 120,000people with an average salary for direct employees of $90, 000,” says Michael D. Gallagher, president and CEO, Entertainment Software Association.

As per the study carried out by Market Xcel, an end-to-end market research firm, the size of the Indian gaming industry was estimated at around Rs 790 crore in 2009, compared to Rs 650 crore in 2008, implying a growth of 22 per cent during the period.

The console gaming industry in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of 19 per cent from Rs 580 crore in 2009 to Rs 1,160 crore by 2014 on the back of increasing disposable income and favorable demographics. According to various industry estimates, there are about 300,000 handheld consoles in India and the segment is witnessing a year-on-year growth of around 35 per cent.

One of the top reasons why gamers purchase a computer or video game: quality of game graphics. This makes it a very lucrative industry looking for talented and skilled animators and designers.

The focus is now on developing a talent pool and leveraging cost-competitiveness. India already offers a significant cost advantage in animation and game development, as compared to other outsourcing destinations such as Taiwan and South Korea.

Television Market

There’s a wide range of possible jobs in TV animation. Companies Universal, Disney, Warner Bros. Dreamworks, Nickleodeon, Film Roman, Dic, Klasky Csupo and many smaller development studios offer a lot of jobs.

The Indian TV advertisement industry size is expected to increase to US$ 3.3 billion by 2013. This, coupled with growing popularity of animated characters is expected to boost the industry. Animation commercials cost far less when compared to advertisements with celebrities and establish connect with children and adults alike.

Graphics Design

graphics designer gets to design or create graphics to meet a client‘s specific commercial or promotional needs, such as packaging, displays, or logos. As an art director, or creative director, the designer will be in charge of a team that consists of artists, designers, photographers, and others.

Brand identity designers are responsible for developing products and promotional materials that will mold how the company is viewed by the public. Many graphic designers specialize in logo production, which often offers the perfect balance of font/word choice and graphic creation that designers crave.

Average salary for a fresher as a graphics designer in the Indian


Web Designers

These are proficient in the web design tools like Flash, Action Scripting, html, CSS, PHP and so on.

Flash designers are designers who take interactivity and the web one step further. They use flash animation, one of the hottest technologies to hit the Internet, to design unique applications for company websites. These flash designs can be used as advertisements, entertainment, or an information tool for the website visitor.

A graphic designer who specializes in coding can work as a webpage or website designer. Web designers understand complicated computer languages and create appealing websites for clients. They may also be hired to create just one page of a client‘s site, and projects can be as big or small as a client needs. Designers who create websites can be found working for website building companies, both online and in house, or they can freelance. Many website designers begin their business as a freelance venture until they have built an in-depth portfolio – the kind needed to impress large firms.

Average salary for a fresher as a web designer in the Indian



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