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World class infrastructure. Production experienced trainers. Award winning studio.

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World class infrastructure. Production experienced trainers. Award winning studio.

animaster academy

The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Graphic Design & Web Development

Hello creative aspirant! A Master degree always places you a class higher than the other contenders and thrusts your career to higher scales!

You arrived the right place and Yes, this is the right course for you if you are looking to learn different forms of the ability of humans to communicate ideas through visual forms, is observed from the earliest cave paintings to modern cutting-edge designs.

Taking this course you jump into a career of mammoth scopes. You get to gather a broad knowledge of Art history and Design by chronologically summarizing the important events, innovations, movements and people that have shaped both ancient and contemporary graphic communication environment. Reflection of design from a Historical and cultural perspective forms the essence of this course. To add-on, Digital painting using softwares and tools enables you to apply your traditional skills on the digital platform.
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Program highlights

As this course opens your career to a greater world of practical learning, you get more close to success. This course introduces you to the wonderful world of creativity which gives wings to your imagination. Besides the other topics, detailed in the semester tabs below, you get an insight on various theoretical aspects and approaches to design and decorative art of all periods and with cross-cultural references as well. From traditional graphite and charcoal to modern mixed media, you are given opportunities to experiment with material, form and expression.

The curriculum enhances the understanding of your surroundings and sharpens awareness of the inherent design of things around. It provides a window for you to develop a conscious relationship to how the environment shapes the need for design and in-turn helps you add valuable expression and thought to the real life around, while being consciously aware of the visually over-stimulated and hectic, consumer centric visual products around.

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User Experience Design

Learn Principles of UX design and create wonders

Web development

Modify and use the servlets and intercept client request

Observational Drawing

Develop a conscious relationship with the environment

Semester wise details

In the 4 semesters, you will gather knowledge in the varied forms of Graphic Design & Web Development. A handy guidance will be provided on Product Design, UX design, Applied painting and Web development.

To understand the semester-wise distribution of the course explore the tabs below and enter the world of fantasy blended with creativity.

Brief description of the Semester

Reflection of design from a Historical and cultural perspective forms the essence of this course.  It aims to give students insights on various theoretical aspects and approaches to design and decorative art of all periods and with cross-cultural references as well. Student gets insights on understanding of development, establishment and methods of the international art world, in relation to developments in society as a whole.

The semester inculcates creativity, precision and use of tools & materials. From traditional graphite and charcoal to modern mixed media, students are given opportunities to experiment with material, form and expression. They understand history of technical developments and trends in drawing and painting. Contemporary practices with digital tools are emphasized. Digital painting using softwares and tools enables the student to apply his/her traditional skills on to the digital platform. Thorough understanding of the distinct nature of the art of printing including tools, inks, paper, plates and qualities of print like offset, transparency and overlays is given.

Students gain skills and confidence to produce multiple images by hand printing and also on a press. Hand printing techniques engage the student in problem solving in drawing, design and colour.

  • Animation
  • Applied Design
  • Advanced Drawing
# Subject Title Type
1 Design fundamentals Practical
2 Observational drawing Practical
3 Advanced Drawing Practical
4 Animation Practical
5 Applied design Practical

Brief description of the Semester

Emphasis is given to a full spectrum approach to design implementation and integration into multiple forms media that include graphics and information design, branding and identity, print media and mobile and web user interface design. This semester focuses on inspiring and empowering graduates to become practicing designers, entrepreneurs and contributors who impact design requirements among people, products and environments. Students also explore various methods of research to discover the audience, mood and eventually the reasoning behind their branding decision with the help of industry-standard techniques and practices. Students learn to bring a brand to life through the creation of a collection of integrated collateral. Students are taught to use digital tools to get involved in balance of expression, imaginative problem solving, aesthetic understanding, critical thinking and creativity within a studio environment. Applied digital drawing course will provide you with a deep understanding of the critical role of design in building sustainable futures.

  • Design Studio
  • Applied Painting
  • Product Design
# Subject Title Type
1 Product design Practical
2 Design Studio -1 Practical
3 Design Studio -2 Practical
4 Applied Painting Practical

Brief description of the Semester

Students get to learn Java which is a computer software that blends the best elements of software combined with certain innovative concepts which are unique to it.  Java by itself was a core programming language. If an applet can handle dynamic client side task, there would be a necessity on the server side as well. Hence the need for Servlets arises. A servlet is a small program that executes on the server. Students are taught how to create, modify and use the servlets along Java Server Pages through this course. Students are made aware how to intercept requests from a client before they access a resource at back end. By this, they will be able to manipulate responses from the server before they are sent back to the client.

  • Web Development
  • Interactive Design
  • User Experience Design
# Subject Title Type
1 UX design Practical
2 Interactive design Practical
3 Web development Practical
4 Creative Practices and Studio Culture Practical

Brief description of the Semester

By using Web Services the students learn a/ the practical roadmap for constructing services that embrace the Web, analyzing and using the architecture for distributed programming. Hibernate Validator allows to express and validate application constraints. The default metadata source are annotations that have the ability to override and extend through the use of XML. Messaging and clustering are two critical features of an enterprise application.

Interestingly, messaging and clustering capabilities can exist/ be independent on their own and enhance applications. They can also work hand-in-hand to improve the flexibility, reliability, scalability and availability of applications. Here the students learn about what each topic brings to the table individually and how to use them together with Spring Framework in a Java EE web application environment. Having understood its importance, the students will explore URL security and global methods in/of security and compare a number of different methods of annotations and how to use them.

Finally, they would be adding User Interface security with the security tag library and take special steps to maintain the security-context in a WebSocket endpoint.

  • Camera & film editing
  • Digital Art (contd.)
  • 3D Animation (contd.)
# Subject Title Type
1 Hibernate validator for Bean validation, Web services Practical
2 Messaging, Clustering, Persistence API and Hibernate ORM Practical
3 Authenticating user, securing restful web services with OAUTH Practical

Brief description of the Semester


  • Ac
# Subject Title Type
1 Acti Try
2 Prep I Pctical
3 3 I
4 Post-n I ctical

Brief description of the Semester

Artual worldmera

# Subject Title Type
ion and
Camera Practical

Brief description of the Semester

This semes=h Project

# Subject Title Type
earch Prt t Show reel Practical

Brief description of the Semester

Obve of ship

# Subject Title Type
om Semer VII)

Careers after MFA Graphic Design & Web Development

The Graphic design gradates are open to a platter of jobs from across the globe and the best animation studios in India. These firms hire several graphic designers to work on a variety of different projects for several clients as an advertising Art director, Graphic designer, Illustrator, Exhibition designer and many more…

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  • Graphics


    Graphic Designing can be referred to as a process heavily used in visual communication to edit and create artworks conveying images, text and raster-vector objects.

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  • 3D


    It relates to animating objects in a three-dimensional frame to appear like real objects. It has the power of creating a realm of virtual reality.

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