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Graphic and Web Design


Graphic and Web Design

Are you crazy about Designing?

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 Here’s an overview on the concepts of Graphic Designing and Web Designing

Who is a graphic designer?animation-courses-in-india,-film-making,-dreamweaver,-flash,-website-development

Creative domain has given rise to a variety of subjects that are studied by aspirants so as to get a holistic view of the subject. These subjects may not directly deal with drawing or sketching or making models etc. Yet, they add their own charm to those who are keen on making a career in it. If you may wonder what these subjects maybe, it is the most popular and in-demand Graphic Designing and Web Designing. Let us understand about these creative fields as we read further.

Graphic Designing can be referred to as a process that heavily uses visual communication to convey ideas relating to type, space and image. A professional who is adept in this is called as a Graphic Designer. They are known to design magazines, graphics and logos etc. that are required by both the print and electronic media. A good graphic designer is one who would be aware of the following:

  • Typography
  • Book design
  • Drawing
  • Advanced graphic design
  • Computer-assisted design
  • Digital media
  • Photography

To be an efficient graphic designer, working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw is imperative. This would help a designer to get an understanding of designs, colour combination, colour schemes, fonts, screen resolutions etc. Due to this, one would be able to design t-shirts, labels, pamphlets, brochures, signage’s, book cover’s, newspaper columns etc.

Who is a web designer?


Before talking about Web Designing, it is necessary what the term Web means. The term Web is synonymous with the World Wide Web or www. It has come to be known as a media that enables computers, laptops and other devices to get connected to the internet. However, the internet or the web is not a part of our discussion here. Web Design can be referred to as field of animation that talks about the various skills and disciplines that go into the production and maintenance of web sites. A person, therefore, who prepares content for a web site or a webpage, is referred to as a web designer.

Web Designers are known to use technology to their maximum advantage. Technologies like Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are commonly used by most web designers today. There are other high end programming languages as well as technologies that a web designer needs to be aware of.
Some of these are:

Like a graphic designer, a web designer’s work is very demanding and challenging. Patience and perseverance is very necessary to succeed in the long run.

Apart from these, the following are equally important and has to be kept in mind at all times:

  • Having effective communication skills
  • Being able to market oneself
  • Planning before doing any design
  • Ensuring feedback on the work done
  • Being up to date with the latest technology
  • Being organized before doing a task
  • Work as a team player
  • Keep updating the portfolio regularly

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I shared my views and experiences for all the youngsters out there. If you were wondering all these days how the printed advertisements, logos, 2D graphics, Websites, web ads, etc. are being made, this article may help you collar an overview on such contemplations.
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