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The word Google, in today’s parlance, redirects to the ubiquitous search engine that all and all use to ferret Diploma-courses-after-10th-sslc-standford-universityinformation of all possible kinds. Before we get an understanding of the topic of this article, let’s travel a couple decades back in time to Stanford University to know a little bit of how Google had its genesis.

Two sophomores Larry Page and Sergey Brin operated out of the Wing 3B of the Gates Computer Science Building at Stanford University where they developed a search engine called BackRub.Best-Animation-degree-courses-programs-Bangalore-Karnataka-India-larry-page-sergey-brin
Their other friends included Sean Anderson, Tamara Munzner and Lucas Pereira with whom they constantly exchanged ideas to improve the search engine which was still in its nascent stage. In September the following year, Sean was part of a brainstorming session with Larry to come up with a catchy name which meant indexing a huge amount of data. It is said that it was Sean who initially suggested googolplex for which Larry paraphrased it to googol. In order to see if the name could be used and was available, Sean is supposed to have spelt googol as google! Luckily, it was available and immediately Larry went about registering it as he liked the name. So, on the 15th of September 1997, Larry officially registered the name Google along with Sergey.

Googly Eyes

Before knowing what these Googly or Jiggly eyes are, let us understand the etymology of the latter. Googly though is a word of the previous century, Googly Eyed is a mispronunciation of the word Googly Eyed that has been in vogue from the 14th century. GOGGLE is related to agog which could have originated from the Welsh word gogi (meaning to shake) or gog in Gaelic meaning to nod one’s head.Best-Top-No1-Diploma-College-Bangalore-googly-jiggly-eyes

Whatever maybe the etymological origin, Googly or Jiggly eyes refer to plastic eyes used in place of eye balls.  A white plastic card is used to make them. This is covered with a hard plastic shell which is enclosed in a black plastic disc. One can make the inner black disc move freely within the larger plastic shell. This creates a feeling that the eyes are moving when the Googly is shaken or tilted.  The inner black disk is allowed to move freely within the larger clear plastic shell, which makes the eyes appear to move when the Googly eyes are tilted or shaken. They are used to convey the message in an effective manner without using any words or dialogue. Usually it is used for fun, to make things look funny. It may be attached to objects just to make it look cute or silly.


Some characters that have used these Googly or Jiggly eyes:

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith

Characters from Sesame Street like Harvey Kneeslapperbest-animation-college-harvey-kneeslapper

Stick Stickly


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