Lets take a round trip from Animation to Games

A brief history of Gaming and Animation


A brief history of Gaming and Animation

Games, in earlier days, suggested an activity that was played with a competitive intent, braced with a set of rules and regulations that had to be adhered to by the participants concerned. Competitive approach to be the No.1 starts with this, at a very early age. Games was also a rich source of relaxation and amusement, dwindling element of competition. Another dimension of this word was when it was related to education wherein it was perceived to be a tool that brought about understanding of concepts like challenge and interaction among pupils in an educational setup.  The primary reason was to facilitate an environment where there was an opportunity to develop skills that were pragmatic as well as to the development of the psychological self of the individual concerned.

However, the understanding of the word GAME underwent a paradigm shift due to the advent of technology.  While the competitive part of games became a part of SPORTS of varied kinds, technology saw the genesis of VIDEO GAMES. animaster-India's-No.1-college-for-animation-education-internet-educationThese were a kind of electronic or microprocessor controlled games which had an input device like a joystick along with a keyboard.  There were some that were controlled by a mouse or a motion sensitive tool.  These evolved to online games which these days are played across the world through Internet connectivity and could be either a single player or multi-player.

Brief history of the evolution of gaming industry

The digital gaming industry has grown by leaps and bounds owing to the advent of mobiles and bloom in hardware like sound cards, multimedia graphics and speedy processors. It was in 1971 that the first computer game was launched along with a commercially viable video game. Though there was a slump in the mid 1970’s, the industry recovered and one could see the emergence of arcade games.  These could be played at public places and as the decade came to a close, personal computing had developed and so gaming technology started to gain momentum. When the 1980’s emerged, a wide range of sub-standard and inferior games entered the market. As a result, the gaming industry suffered yet again in 1983. But luckily, Nintendo led the recovery for this industry.  As the decade came to a close, one could see the entry of handheld devices for playing games enter into the market.

The advancements we see today in the gaming sector largely took place in the 1990’s. It was due to the development of 3D graphics as well as implementation of GUI (Graphical User Interface) based operating systems.  Games started to get stored on Compact Discs (CD) and development of mobile gaming started.  Internet ensured competitive gaming wherein multi-players could play at the same time with one another. As the 21st century dawned, third-party game developers alongside with casual and indie game thrived. Mobile phone games received a fillip as games for iPhone Operating System ( iOS) and Android devices  started along with those on social media. At present, all the three mediums- PC Gaming, Console Gaming and Mobile Gaming continue to coexist and each of them cater to their distinctive market segment.

Job opportunities in gaming sector

The gaming industry is booming with the creative pass-outs from top animation and gaming institutes making to the spotlight.
Here are some designations a gaming expert may choose from-Indias-best-Job-oriented-degree-courses-programs-jobs

  1. Composer: It refers to music composers who are responsible for giving life to game whether it is played on a computer or a hand held device.
  2. Developer : This is the most crucial role in this sector.  The development of a game in totality lies in this person’s hands.
  3. Journalist : These individuals provide information on upcoming games to the public by writing about them in their respective media. Few also games that are in existence so that once can choose the best one before buying it.
  4. Voice Actor:  A Voice Actor maybe there incase certain sounds and/or dialogue needs to be there in the game.
  5. Game tester: Though it may sound like fun if told that one has to play games as a part of his/her job, the work involved is actually complex and can be taxing.  These testers have to pay attention to the minutest of details of the game and identify loopholes that might be there.

Game Design in Animation in simple terms

When one begins to animate or design for games, it would be mostly for props that one would need during the course of playing the game.  Of course, this would require coding to be done, but 3D animation has made the task easy for game developers. Softwares like 3Ds MAX, Photoshop or MAYA are commonly used. By this processes like modeling, skinning, animating and rendering can be done successfully. As these are being done, assets in the form of audio and graphics are created. Here, one may have to deconstruct as well so that feedback can be got and iterated once more.  Concept art maybe used as and when areas of game art like environments, characters, vehicles, props,  art etc are prepared to be used for special effects. Before any audio is incorporated, the requirements have to be carefully ascertained. Recording techniques have to be understood and identified. Workflows for game audio also are necessary.

The most important criteria that animators have to bear in mind when animating for games is that they have to make them interactive. Knowledge of camera angles is pivotal at all times along with game development pipeline. Another aspect that cannot be overlooked is an understanding of body mechanics and dynamics. Therefore, these animations have to be reloaded and timed to perfection so that the game is enhanced. Since there is a realistic feel; it makes the entire playing experience much more exciting, engrossing and challenging.

Tips for a game design aspirant, desirous of pursuing a career in animation gaming industry:

Join a classroom or online course in animation

Master drawing and sketching skills

Start learning softwares and other digital tools once you get mastery over arts

Practice all that you learn over and over again

Invest on a WACOM tablet


Animaster Academy thanks the alumni of this academy, who have shared their knowledge and experience to garner this review to quench the readers’ queries on the gaming industry and has contributed Animaster retain its rank as the best animation college in India.
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