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The Prospective Future of Animation

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The Prospective Future of Animation

Animation- seemingly a perpetual genre!Best-Animation-degree-courses-programs-Bangalore-appeal

Across the globe movie makers and animators have slowly realized that animation is here to stay for a longer time than expected. In fact, few of them have gone on record to say that this field will have a significant impact on all walks of our lives. Here are few ways that they say that animation will effect in the future:

Animation will no longer be restricted to Hollywood. It will spread beyond its boundaries.  It already has done so. The future is HERE!

Animation films of the future would be computer generated which would greatly influence the form and content of forthcoming movies.

As a profession, animation will no longer be confined to only those trained in animation. Other professionals are expected to enter this creative field as well.

Animation is expected to enter the educational domain as a teaching aid and just won’t limit itself to providing entertainment.

Along with live-action, animation will have a significant role to play and will no longer remain a second fiddle to the latter.

Expected developments in the field of Animation

There are varied expectations from CEO’s of animation studios, entrepreneurs, animators themselves, freelancers, other professionals etc. about what the future may bring.  Some of these include:

Return of shorts:  Due to the wide spread of internet, it is expected that short forms of entertainment will make a comeback once again.  This is mainly due to the changing preferences in the viewing habits of people world over.

Mature content in animation will emerge:

In many countries, children are growing up faster than expected. Nearly all of them have been exposed to some form of animation. As they grow up, they would still want to watch animations of a different kind. Already, there are programs like Adult Swim which will make these young adults to crave for more thereby creating a demand for animation of a mature kind.

Animated features may start to decline:

In coming years, it is expected that producers of animation or more so, animated films, will stop spending heavily on production. An example of the 2010 released Toy Story 3 can be taken at this context. This animated movie starring stars like Tom Hanks and Tim Allen was made at a budget of $300 million! It is predicted that studios will stop investing that kind of money in the coming future on animated movies.India's-best-Masters-degree-animation-vfx-graphic-design-3D-animation-toy-story

Primary revenue will be from sale of merchandise:

Though animated films and TV shows will continue to be in circulation, bulk of the revenue is expected through the sale of related merchandise. The audience for these would be kids and marketers are already formulating strategies to catch them young.

Animation will start matching itself up to live action movies

The same variety and expertise that goes into making a live action movie can be seen in animated works. In fact, some believe that the former could be much better than the latter.  No longer will be the focus on ‘kids’ as adults too are expected to join the bandwagon!

As usual, these predictions will contradict one another. It is also equally possible that future may throw up surprises and prove the predictors wrong. Anyhow, it is fun to fantasize about what the future of animation- the fantasy world has for all of us!

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Article composed and compiled by a student pursuing bachelor’s degree in animation, at Animaster Academy, which tops the list of animation and graphics colleges in India.
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