A fun-filled learning experience at Abhaiah Naidu Studios - Animaster

A fun-filled learning experience at Abhaiah Naidu Studios


A fun-filled learning experience at Abhaiah Naidu Studios


The students of Animaster College of Animation and Design had a 1 day fun-filled and learning experience at Abhaiah Naidu Studios, Bangalore. Experiencing something is the most powerful form of engaged learning. As a part of their curriculum the Bachelor of Visual Arts, 4th Semester students had an opportunity to visit a Film Studio.

Being one of the most progressive Multimedia College. Animaster College of Animation and design regularly organizes industry visits and outdoor learning for students of Multimedia and Design. The College being strategically located in Bangalore gives students all the more advantage to have experiential learning.


Watching the action that goes before a film hits the screen, was a unique adventure for the students. The tour started with the visit to Balaji Audio Recording Studio. The students got to witness the science and art of sound recording, mixing, sound designing, editing and dubbing. They were oriented with all the aspects of sound, dubbing, mixing, audio engineering, voice over and acoustics. They were also oriented with audio editing software’s such as Pro Tools, Sound Forge, audio mixing consoles and different kinds of microphones. The students had an exciting opportunity of Song recording in a professional environment.

After the Sound recording studio the students visited Unifi Media a production house involved in post-production. The students were guided by the in charge and oriented to various departments of Post production, which were DI, VFX, Animation and video editing. The students were briefed and oriented to software’s and their functions which were Da Vinci Resolve, Steinberg Nuendo, Adobe Light Works and Photoshop. Watching the team at Unifi media at work gave students a sense of working in a creative environment. This study tour educated students on the various nuances of film production and giving them a sense of joy in creating something for mass communication. This Studio visit prepared the students of Multimedia, for an on the job experience which was fun and filled with learning.