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Top 10 reasons to start an Animaster franchise

[toggles type=”accordion”][toggle title=”10 years of hardcore experience”] Animaster Animation College holds a proud 10years of industrial experience in both animation education and production in 2D, 3D animation, Graphic & Web, Vfx & Gaming, makes us a pioneering animation academy in India. Animaster franchisees have the backing of a decade of experience in research, cutting edge training methodology and technical strength that few can match. [/toggle] [toggle title=”University graduate and undergraduate programs”] The University programs are implemented by a dynamic combination of good management and technical strength from young, highly skilled professors provides you the educational advantage and high marketing potential in a society that firmly believes in higher university education. That is how Animaster has been retaining its superiority to all of its kind in the industry and welcomes you to be a part of it. [/toggle] [toggle title=”Huge potential in the multi- billion dollar animation & gaming industry”] As per PWC , on the Indian media & entertainment industry, the animation industry is estimated to have been around Rs.1,100 crore in the year 2006 and it is expected to grow at a rate of 22% to reach Rs.5,400 crore at the end of 2014. This is just over 2% of the size of the world’s animation industry and hence, there is tremendous growth potential in the industry. This is as opposed to the slow- down in the recent years of the IT and ITES industries. [/toggle] [toggle title=”Extensive support”] We provide extensive support in the form of business guidance, site identification, evaluation & finalization, architectural & interior blueprint, standardized high quality training equipment, extensive training on marketing, admin , technical and accounting, researched courseware , industry recognized certification , updated and dynamic website, regular qualified leads and 24/7 offsite and periodic onsite support. We shelter you as a guardian during the tough times and extend helping hands to revive. Together we can escalate the brand identity to the crux, which for sure, brings in economic harmony to you. [/toggle] [toggle title=”R & D and Studio pipeline: “] Animaster Academy’s dedicated R&D and production studio team researches and develops specialized curriculum to make them the best university programs being offered in Asia. The highly experienced team of academicians and technical experts constantly review and upgrade the syllabus as per changing industry trends and practices. World-standard training methodologies and training delivery systems combined with close monitoring of every student, ensures your individual career goals. [/toggle] [toggle title=”Placement guaranteed programs”] – This industry spans across a number of related artistic and technical spaces like 2D ,3D, Graphic & Web design , Gaming, Interactive mobile application & games, and VFX. Moreover, the number of industries that employ artists pan across Film Studios, Post production studios, TV channels & entertainment houses, Gaming companies, Print companies, Media houses, Mobile companies , E-learning and other corporate houses with online graphic and animation requirements. Animaster has an enviable placement record and the unique advantage of providing its students with in –house studio internship on live domestic and international projects. The Training & Placement Cell ensures and takes care to provide the best arrangements and hospitality for the visiting companies. Our placement cell works exclusively for building industrial relations and strengthening the existing ones with the view of getting our students placed in the best positions! [/toggle] [toggle title=”Excellent ROI”] The most important part of the Animaster family is its students. Animaster Animation College students come from all walks of life forming an eclectic group comprising of school students, college students, designers, artists, working individuals, software professionals, housewives, BPO employees, doctors, engineers and even scientists. But the one fact which unites them all is their love for animation and thirst for knowledge. Our college pays special attention to each student during academic counseling and suggests the best program for that particular student. Personalized academic and career counseling helps you take the right decision whether it is a career achievement or career change or need to develop your interest in a subject. [/toggle] [toggle title=”Highly marketable courses and programs”] We designed the best available courses and programs that can be sold to a wide range of students through the year. Also there are strategically developed a bouquet of short term and long term job oriented courses that are optimally priced inclusive of courseware & certification enabling franchises to launch programs for a wide range of audience at variable student fee. [/toggle] [toggle title=”Business model with cash transaction and no credit”] This form of business ensures 100% returns with no stress of unsold inventory and wastages. Long term university programs as well as short term courses ensure safe business booking of fees for long term sustenance as well as immediate expenses and requirements respectively. This guarantees best of returns with minimum risk involvement. [/toggle] [toggle title=”Highly respectable field”] Education being the most respected trade of business; it not only gives a sense of joy but also a noble peace within the heart. It is highly respectable for the Positive environment and high degree of satisfaction in educating and in enabling successful careers in animation. Placed and successful students of Animaster Animation College alumni, reciprocate positive word of mouth about the academy and their experience. School training is a social contribution that trains young students and taps their talents early. [/toggle] [/toggles]

The booming Animation, Graphic, Gaming & VFX industry

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  1. Do we need to be experienced in the education field?Ans. The animation field requires a lot of passion and commitment in order to provide quality services. Prior experience in education is not required, as our training and support programs will provide you with all the guidelines that you need to start an Animaster academy. However, in the education field ,your personal involvement, implementing the practices based on our training  and setting internal quality standards to live up to the Animaster quality are very important to excel and gain respect.
  2. We currently own an existing property/ institute but are interested to turning it into an Animaster academy, so that we may benefit from Animaster’s brand, systems, support and programming-Is this possible? Ans. Yes, you will have to follow the guidelines for Animaster’s interior plan and infrastructure guidelines to start an academy. Fill the enquiry form or get in touch with us for complete guidance.
  3.  How much do we need to invest to start an Animaster Academy? Ans. The initial investment amount will be decided after studying the potential of the area in which you would like to open. Based on the population and geographical location, it is will be categorized as A, B or C class city/town. This categorization along with the student population in that area, proximity to schools & colleges, location advantages, access to public transport facilities etc., we determine the potential of the area. The precise investment amount is determined in addition to working capital for advertising & local promotions for first few years.
  4.  We would like to make a low investment initially and wish to expand slowly based on the market response. Is this possible? Ans. Low investment will eventually lead to low success. It is important to make upfront one-time investments on interiors, infrastructure and marketing. You may however, consider constructing the academy may be constructed in stages; however the Animaster Animation College standards need to be maintained at every stage.
  5. What is the fee we pay to Animaster? Ans. You pay a non –refundable Franchise fee at the time of signing the agreement and an ongoing monthly royalty which is calculated as a percentage of your revenue.
  6. Are there any other hidden costs? Ans. No, our policies are transparent and there is no hidden cost.
  7. What would be an ideal site for an Animaster Academy? Ans. The branch will need to have good location advantage in terms of a central location, near residential and commercial areas, visibility, distance from competition, access to public transport facilities and proximity to schools and colleges. Our team will work closely with you to evaluate and shortlist prospective sites for your franchise.
  8. How can I offer the university programs? Ans. As you sign up for the Animaster franchise, we will obtain clearance for your study centre approval. We will guide you through the process. You can offer University programs after this as per the governing norms and guidelines.
  9. How long will it take for me to open the Animaster franchise? Ans. It depends upon quick and correct decision making in finalizing the premises, executing the interiors, obtaining equipment, staff recruitment, training and proper fund channelization for you to be operational as soon as possible. If planned and executed well, guided by our checklist and team, it can take between 3-4 months.
  10. How can I be functional? Ans. We will assist you in staff recruitment, by establishing the evaluation procedures for the animation training industry. Interview guidelines for various positions, with relevant assignments and tests for both technical and non-technical job profiles are provided, for screening and short-listing suitable candidates. Sales & student career counseling training will be impacted by us to the frontal end team. Individual program details with its career advantages, industry relevance and fee structures will be explained in detail. Sales strategies and targets will be laid. Marketing & promotional activities calendar will be established. The support team will be trained extensively on industry standard operational guidelines and methods to be followed as per the company’s operational manual. Training on student CV, portfolio & personality development and Identifying placement opportunities in companies for students will be given to placement officer. Accounting procedures, fee taxations, installment projection, business booking per student, courseware, exam & certificate issue & up-gradation procedures will be explained. Technical staff will be trained on drawings, design & communication as well all the various graphic, web and animation softwares in a detailed manner. Training log sheets will be provided for all programs. Once all of these are laid out clearly, you will be functional and need to exercise a daily/monthly reporting and performance evaluation system to assess and gradually strengthen you.
  11.  How much will it cost per month to run Animaster academy franchise? Ans. This can be  devised  from calculating teachers salary, salaries of other staff members such as Centre manager, academic counselors, marketing executives, technical trainers,  administration, Accounts, security guards, drivers, attendants etc. Operational costs will include rent or property tax, electricity bills, telephone & internet bills, building maintenance, marketing & advertisement  expenses and other sundry expenses.
  12. Do you grant exclusive territories? Ans. We believe that Animaster’s model is robust enough to be able to operate successfully in a wide variety of locations and demographics. It is critical that both our franchisees and we have the freedom to grow intelligently and respectfully. Because of this, we believe the fairest way to approve a new branch, is to assess each location as it is proposed to us, based on a variety of factors and approve locations that we believe will allow for maximum opportunity for success. It is our goal in selling territories that are large enough for you to realize your full growth potential, but not so large that potential students are not served. However, we will definitely give you an exclusive radius, within which we shall not open another Animaster franchise.
  13.  Does Animaster offer a master franchise or only a unit franchise? Ans. Yes, we do give unit as well as master franchise.
  14.  Can I start more than one Animaster franchise? Ans. Yes, you can start more than one franchise, but we would advise you to start the second at least one successful academic year later. The success of one Animaster franchise will give you the required confidence and experience to mirror another successful model.

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