Failed-10th-12th-whats-next after SSLC after CBSE? 2D 3D Animation


FAILED or JUST  PASSED 10th/12th ?

Have you failed in 10th/12th ? Did you just pass with low marks ? Are you worried what to do next?

Not everyone can be good at studies, nor God has not created everyone to be the same. He has blessed everyone with extra talents and capabilities that need to be developed.

So don’t worry. Thomas Alva Edison  once said “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” So don’t give up. Come join us at Animaster Animation College. We encourage you to take up one of our many interesting and rewarding university courses in Animation. We provide you with provisional admission to our Bachelor degree till you complete your supplementary exams. We also offer diploma and short term certificate courses.

We believe that each person is born with a unique ability and potential. It is up to the caregivers to recognize and harness this talent.  Since animation is an extremely practical oriented and creative field, one will never feel the pressure of core subjects like Math or Science.

Animation is the most job oriented programme and one of the best careers to choose right now. A career in animation not only ascertains a good income, but also helps in building a strong potential for achieving ambitious prospects down the road.

failed-10th-12th-whats-next Animaster Animation College being the No.1 Animation College in Bangalore, India, offers a wide range of diploma and certificate courses. The course curriculum has been drafted to suit the young minds, making it easy for them to understand and comprehend. Sufficient number of practical assignments is given along with the theory behind each animation/design. The labs are very well equipped with drawing boards, light boxes and state-of-the-art computer systems with the latest software. Animaster being touted as the best animation training institute has faculty who are well trained and have worked closely in a training as well as development scenario. They understand production thoroughly. They work patiently giving individual attention to each student clarifying their doubts and answering their questions. Regular tests, exams, assignments and projects go a long way in making the concepts clear in the minds of the students. Our professional courses are in affiliation with the University of Mysore.  Apart from this, we also offers its in-house diploma and certificate courses. These job oriented courses are a perfect addition to one‘s qualification. Training on software like the Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Flash, Dreamweaver and CorelDRAW, Max and Maya will add a feather to your cap. These courses can also be taken up part-time.

One can pursue a variety of courses in animation – 2D animation, 3D animation, graphics design, web design etc. For somebody who has cleared their 10th standard, a diploma course is ideal. The various diploma courses available are Animation, 2D Classical & Digital Animation, 3D Animation, Graphic Design & Web Development and Web Application Development. If somebody is interested in any particular animation field a few certificate courses are also available.Visit for details.

Additionally one can pursue any of our Animaster programmes. There is no eligibility criterion for any of these. Visit for details.

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