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Workshop on Nature Photography

On the 27th of Feb 2020, Animaster Animation Degree College in Bangalore took the BU Student (Sem 6), out for a workshop on Nature Photography.


The main purpose or objective of this workshop is to help the students get the knowledge of taking photographs and exploring the beauty of nature. Also capturing the beauty inside the camera is a very rewarding task, it’s all about working with the shutter, aperture, and ISO. It is also about focusing on capturing the beauty of nature. Teaching the students to ensure the quality of the PC and also help them in deciding the angles of the subject while they are capturing.


The students have understood the use of different angles and perspectives to stand out from their photography. They are also able to shoot the subject in their natural context for more powerful images.

This workshop has also made them able to study the subjects that will lead to more photo ideas. Now they are also able to separate the subject from the background as nature photos usually feature a subject such as a plant, animal or flower. This means that one needs to separate that subject from the background of the frame. One has to judge the placement of the elements in the frame and make a few adjustments. Understanding the distance between the foreground and background is important. This will help separate them in the shot.

The goal of the workshop was successfully achieved and the photographs by the students reveal this.

We thank all the students for their participation and Mr. Dayanand for arranging such a learning experience for them.