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Team Members: Dinesh Dayal, Joseph Jadhav, Sreenivas

On January 23, 2020, BEL Pre – University College gave Animaster College of Animation and Design the opportunity to conduct a Seminar on the topic, “Design as a Vocation”. The seminar started from 9:30 to 10:30 am. The team of Animaster was received by Mr. Vinay Gowda.

Mr. Sreenivas, System Administrator of Animaster College, set up all the required elements and made sure the entire seminar goes on smoothly. The students were required to fill in the registration forms to participate in the seminar.

The main objective or purpose of the seminar was to introduce the students to the fundamentals of design as applied to different segments of the industry. It was also to give them an insight about the vast career opportunity in the design field.

A total of 184 students comprising of both 1st and 2nd PUC attended the Seminar.

The Seminar commenced with Mr. Dinesh introducing the team and also the motive of enhancing knowledge among the young students.

It was followed by an interactive session with the students to understand their knowledge in the field of design by Mr. Joseph. The seminar also included various topics like 2D & 3D Animation, VFX, Game Design, Interior Design, Product Design and Graphic design with eye grabbing videos for each topic explaining the current industry scenario that is sky rocketing.

The seminar was concluded by briefing them on all the BVA and Retail courses that Animaster offers with a short Q & A Session. Feedback form was collected to analyze the impact of the seminar. A token of appreciation was given to Ms. Prathima Venkatesh, the Principal of BEL College for giving us an opportunity to successfully conduct the seminar.