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Digital painting

Digital painting

A session on DIGITAL PAINTING was held on the 8th of August as a part of the regular Saturday activities for students. However, on this day, emphasis on digital painting was for the first semester as they were exposed to this for the first time.

By 11.00 AM, one could see twenty five students waiting at LAB 3 for the session to begin. The projector ensured that they understood the various features of Adobe Photoshop as it was to be used extensively in this session. It must be said that Adobe Photoshop has certain features that can bring to life what the artist has conceived due to the various layers that adds effects on the created scene. One doesn’t have to either delete or erase what one might have done. As per the requirement, one can change the light effects of the scenes as well as hide or reveal it as and when required.

Chandrasekhar sir was armed with a pen tablet (WACOM) and the sketching that he did continuously was being projected on the projection screen. Though only one complete design was done till 1.30 PM, the resultant painting came out in a manner that cannot be described in simple words! One could the application of the concept of LIGHT and SHADOW along with the tools that were used.

The students benefited by learning certain tricks in Adobe Photoshop and shortcuts that can be used while using Adobe Photoshop. Surely this “gyan” will boost the confidence of one and all as they use the other features in future as a part of their course.

Also, concepts like usage of brushes, different shapes and styles, layers, opacity, gradients, colour palette etc became clear to the students. This was ensured by doing the design using the PERSPECTIVE in a better manner.

Photographs were taken by Abbas, Likitha and Vinet under Leo sir’s guidance. As the session concluded, the students left after having understanding key concepts in digital painting which would be surely beneficial for their career in animation in future.