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Design and Art: a comparative study


Design and Art: a comparative study

Design vs. Art

Art is considered as a means of personal expression of the artist, from whom, the inspiration can initiate within his/her mind, perception, passion or experience. In short, Art is all about expression. Design is about usability- it must deliver the purpose that the user is striving towards. Let’s attempt a comparative study of both Design, Art.

Creativity plays a significant part in both design and art. Good design is not complete just with visual creativity, unless its end serves the purpose. Art, on the other hand, is meant to quench the aesthetic thirst solely. The purpose and satisfaction of a designer is achieved only when his/her creativity meets the requirement of the user. Factors such as agility, functionality, ability to maneuver, etc. play a pivotal role.

Design, Art -Objective or Subjective?

animation-courses-affordable-cheap-fees-professional-art-design-collegeDesigning is perceived as objective, although it has always been regarded as subjective in the earlier days. An artist can justify if a design is good or not, depending on its achieving in serving the purpose intended. Art, on the other hand, is completely dependent on the feedback of its viewers, resting solely on their satisfaction, quench of thirst, of the beauty intended. Art always has been and always will be subjective.

Though design and art share many analogous qualities, they differ in disciplines. They differ functionally, in processes, etc. Such divergence demonstrate that design decisions are not on basis of mere feelings, intuition, opinion, or ego.

The kinship between Desig, Art straightaway leads us to the world of creativity. As previously mentioned, art is the reverberation of an artist, design is a response depending on the need of the designer . In spite of the delusion, that design and art are identical, there are gaps between the two disciplines which we can easily identify through a quick, critical comparison of both practices.

Art unveils personal expression. Hence, it has intrinsic and independent value. The value of art is fully within the bijou of aesthetic ecstasy. This is contrary to design. Design is about usability. Its value is dependent on external factors, namely the purpose that it serves and the user that it serves that purpose for. Hence, design can be defined as contextual.Design, Art

Art is in essence provocative. It makes us think confirming to norms for the sake of challenging typicality & dictum. It sparks sensation, intuition, instinct and inclination and has the potential to create controversy, attempting notion-identity. Art navigates the road less traveled, and that makes all the difference. It pedals through variety from delightful to abysmal areas of mankind. Hence art is essentially robust and progressive. The life of art breathes on appreciation. The more impressed viewers relish, the more gems are added to the artist’s sheath.

Design, on the other hand, is independent of controversy but potentially escorts comfort and ergonomics. It just performs its impartial function on productivity. Design’s challenge is with its other existing clan-competitors, targeting improved efficiency and utility.

animation-top-no.1-college-art-designLet us consider instances to make the notion more distinct. A mobile phone stands of no use solely if it comes with a new, colorful and attractive design. It essentially has to be in line with usability factors. Even if it appears beautiful, the design will be a failure if the user cannot hold it on palm properly, or suppose the speakers or mic. is quite away from ears and mouth. What is the use of a paintbrush which does not aid a firm grip, but looks wonderful!

But that does not mean Design should be devoid of artistic delights. Rather, such artistic delight should be clubbed with agility, for a successful design. A designer is primarily an artist, added features that instill purpose to art. Hence, Animaster Academy can conclude that Art and Design, despite the differences and similarities, shall shine individually owing to their unique competence!

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