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Chalk carving


Chalk carving

The first day of August was incidentally a Saturday! Hence, it was decided to organize a repeat session of CHALK CARVING. When it had been organized the last time, it had brought both excitement and curiosity in the students. Realizing its importance and success, it was decided to hold another session especially to benefit our first semester students.

Twenty six eager students had assembled by 11.00 AM as Sukrish made his entry to conduct this session. The students sat around Sukrish and then Pieces of chalk along with blades and pins were distributed among those present as they could replicate the designs that they saw Sukrish create. At first, Sukrish used the blades and pins that were there to show detailing could be done. This was demonstrated by carving out a beautiful human face with all intricate details. It was interesting to note that all those who were present there were able to observe the minute details that Sukrish did as he went about creating one wonder after the other. Once Sukrish had done with his demonstration, the students began to do what they had just learnt. Different outputs could be seen that was a reflection of the creativity which the students had within themselves. All this was possible by having a lot of patience and by thinking in different perceptions. As time went on, the students ensured that different designs were created with the pieces of chalks given to them. As always, several photographs were clicked by Leo sir’s students like Abbas, Likitha and Vinet.

As the chalk carving session ended by 1.30 PM, the students had created various designs in chalk that showed their creativity. Apart from having a nice time, it can be hoped that they remember what they learnt through Sukrish’s session for a long time to come!