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Animaster Certified Professional (AC- PRO)

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Animaster Certified Professional (AC- PRO)

This course aims at training both traditional and digital animation. Since 2D is the basis of all kinds of animation, a strong foundation is built with this program.

When the student moves on to digital animation, he/she can apply the principles learnt in traditional animation into it. Hence, the student is comfortable in both the media. The final project built by the student becomes his/her portfolio.

Basic drawing, human anatomy, animal anatomy, principles of animation, pre-production, introduction to 3D, Digital drawings, ink and paint libraries, cut-out animation, timeline, lip-sync effects & compositing, scan/import/playback, BG painting, mixing and editing using Flash, Photoshop and Premier glitters the course contents.



  • Orientation Module
  • 2D production pipeline
  • Animation principles
  • Advanced animation techniques
  • Digital animation
  • Flash gaming
  • Post Production

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10 months

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2D traditional animator, 2D digital animator, Assistant animator, Tracing artist, IB Artist, Character Designer, Ink & Paint Artist, Compositor, Layout or BG artists, storyboard artists, comic book creator, illustration artist, faculty, etc. are few to name that a student can become studying this program.

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