31 Mar To be or not to be an UI UX designer- is the question!

Anyone pursuing a Graphic Design course would surely be desirous being a Graphic Designer. This is irrespective whether one pursues a University Bachelor’s Degree, University Master Degree or a Diploma course after 10th. But not many would be aware of- UI and UX design, a...

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28 Mar Creative Career

Creative Minds! Creativity is a novel idea to build and communicate in ways that are unique, compelling, and unexpected. Creativity is the strange partnership between a human being’s labor and the mystery of inspiration. For individuals who are creative like you, true satisfaction in life comes when...

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11 Jan History of Cartoons

 Introduction to cartoons Any two dimensional art that can be illustrated and has a visual impact can be referred to as a CARTOON. Off late, a cartoonist may not necessarily do as mentioned. Instead, they are known to indulge in non-realistic or semi-realistic drawings or paintings...

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18 Apr Digital painting

A session on DIGITAL PAINTING was held on the 8th of August as a part of the regular Saturday activities for students. However, on this day, emphasis on digital painting was for the first semester as they were exposed to this for the first time. By...

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18 Mar Workshop on “Clay Modelling”

It’s not all work and no play for students of Animaster Academy. The faculty have a way of combining fun workshops with learning. One such fun-day was the Clay Modelling workshop held for the students who study 3D modelling as part of their course work....

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