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20 Feb Design and Art: a comparative study

Design vs. Art Art is considered as a means of personal expression of the artist, from whom, the inspiration can initiate within his/her mind, perception, passion or experience. In short, Art is all about expression. Design is about usability- it must deliver the purpose that the user is...

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18 May Story Building for your own Animation Film

The USP of any film is the story. Same for animated movies. And impediments galore obstructing ways for a good story animated movie. The creative black-out where ideas don’t leap. It is even harder to perceive an idea and on to paper. The probable hack...

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12 May SIGNIFICANT YEARS in the history of ANIMATION

The late 19th century W. Goodwin invented the celluloid film in 1887 that he made of gum cotton and gum camphor. Emil Reynaud in 1892 invented the Praxinoscope. In 1893, Thomas Alva Edison developed the Kinetoscope. 1900-1930 The first 30 years of the 20th century James Stuart Blackton in 1900 makes The...

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09 May The influence and emergence of Graphics in Journalism

Graphics in journalism industry All of us are aware about the tremendous reach that graphic design has managed in its favour. Graphic communication, holds the most engrossing attribute, and it plies visual material to relate ideas. It has assumed many facets and is making its presence...

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27 Apr A brief history of Gaming and Animation

Games, in earlier days, suggested an activity that was played with a competitive intent, braced with a set of rules and regulations that had to be adhered to by the participants concerned. Competitive approach to be the No.1 starts with this, at a very early...

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14 Apr A for Animation!

Animation is a buzz word that has captivated the young and the old alike.  In simple terms, it can be referred to as using a series of drawings that are different from each other to create an appearance of a movement. In the initial days,...

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10 Apr Warner Brothers Studios

WARNER BROTHERS- the name's enough! Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester and Tweety, Roadrunner sound familiar? These were some of the cartoons created by traditional animation at the Warner Bros. studio.  Ever since its inception on the 4th of April 1923, WB has maintained the reputation of being a fully...

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05 Apr Indian Animators

Animation industry has spread far and wide and many countries have now effectively proved a challenge to Hollywood. India too has not lagged far behind. We have in the country talented animators who have entertained us with an added dose of Indian ethos.  Here is...

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04 Apr Introduction to school of art

Whenever we talk about a school of art, it refers to a group of artisans who work on similar mediums, subject, styles etc during a particular period in history.  What is interesting to note is that these persons may not be around in the same...

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01 Apr Baahubali

Some less-known facts about the movie Baahubali Before going into the making of this 2015 released Vfx (Visual Effects) spectacle, let’s explore some facts relating to it: Baahubali made at a cost of Rs 250 crore, it is the most expensive movie to be made in Indian film...

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