27 Mar Modern Education

Advent in education Most of us, even the young adults may feel that modern schools and education system is not like the one we had. Forget about those in their fifties. They just cannot make sense out of schools and curricula. Most people see the past...

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27 Mar Graphic and Web Design

Who is a graphic designer? Creative domain has given rise to a variety of subjects that are studied by aspirants so as to get a holistic view of the subject. These subjects may not directly deal with drawing or sketching or making models etc. Yet, they...

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25 Mar History of Animation

The beginning of animation you say? Well it could be as old as man itself. Why? Here’s the reason: Man has always had a compelling urge to represent his view of the surroundings. As he looks at the creatures around him, he tries to draw or mold...

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18 Apr The Ashed Curses

On 9th April, an event on creative writing was conducted by Ms. Fabiha Hyder. Ms. Fabiha, apart from being an author of the book ‘The Ashed Curses’ , is also a student like the rest of us. Her session on ‘Creative Writing’ saw to 25...

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