10 Apr Career in Animation

Done with schooling? Time to carve the career you crave! The 10th standard and 12th standard is the period when one is at crossroads as to what to do in one’s life.  Though after 10th, one may invariably take up Science as a course of study,...

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08 Apr An insight into Imagineering

‘Imagineering!’ –Is it a Latin or a French word! Nopes! You must be planning to look up its meaning in the dictionary, right? Fret not! This article will introduce you to an amazing method by which the creative ideas you have can be shaped into the practical form. Wondering how? Well, by using...

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07 Apr A brief account of 4D Experience

The advent of 4D 4D or 4-D films are those that include physical effects into an existing 3D movie. It is also called seat effect simulation. In fact, media marketers have named such movies as 5D, 6D, 7D…..even 15D! We must not delude ourselves with the...

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06 Apr Introduction to 2D Animation

Traditional Animation Let’s have a rendezvous with the traditional form of animation that marks its presence since the 19th century. Before delving into details, come let us try to know what Animation basically means and deals with. The literal definition of Animation is, the technique of...

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animaster academy


WorldWideWeb Internet has become an integral part of our lives today. It can be referred to as a series of computer networks by which data can be transmitted by using the Internet protocol.  Its origin can be traced to the USA when the Semi-Automatic Ground Environment...

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04 Apr Dilemma of a Designer

Anyone for whom, designing print or electronic forms of visual communication is an occupation can be termed as a Graphic Designer. The most common example that we can see in our daily lives is the designs of the advertisements in the print media.  In jest, a...

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03 Apr Puzzled? Baffled? Confused after 10th?

Animation -a great career option for students after 10th  What course to pursue after 10th? In the life of a youth, the 10th class or standard is like a turning point. Post completion of the SSC / ICSE / CBSE exam, many of them are left clueless...

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30 Mar Prince Achmed- the first animated movie

Insights into the making of the first animated movie Whenever the term animation is mentioned, the first name that comes to the mind is Walt Disney. It is true that he revolutionized an entire genre by introducing a host of characters since 1928. That particular year...

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28 Mar Golden Age of Animation

Introduction to the Golden Age of Animation Spanning for almost three decades, The Golden Age of Animation was a period in history of the animation industry wherein sound cartoons made their presence for the first time. The modern aspiring animators have such a wide range of...

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