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27 Apr A fun-filled learning experience at Abhaiah Naidu Studios

The students of Animaster Animation colleges in Bangalore and Design had a 1 day fun-filled and learning experience at Abhaiah Naidu Studios, Bangalore. Experiencing something is the most powerful form of engaged learning. As a part of their curriculum the Bachelor of Visual Arts, 4th...

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29 May Embedding and Linking in Illustrator

When working with Adobe Illustrator, we encounter several challenges. Along with the other issues, we also stumble across image-related hurdles. In this article, Animation institute in Bangalore will try to spot and solve such issues. There are two technical aspects of image-related challenges. Linking and Embedding. Linking...

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16 May Hanna-Barbera Partnership

William Denby Hanna can be regarded as an all-rounder. Apart from being an animator, he was also a director, producer, artist and voice actor! He was born on the 14th of July 1910 at Melrose, New Mexico.  Though he dropped out of engineering during the...

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10 May Antimorphism

The word anthropomorphism has its origin from two Greek words- anthropos and morphe meaning respectively human and form. It can be referred to as an interpretation of nonhuman things or events through human characteristics. The earliest form of anthropomorphism can be seen way back in...

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05 May Animes and Cartoons

Animes? What's that? Animes refer to art form or animation that can be found in cinemas. Earlier, it was referred to as an animation particular to Japan which was done using graphics, character and themes. However, of late, it has been understood as a style of...

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29 Apr Man of a Thousand Voices

A wonderful wonder It is a common experience of many cartoon watchers that they remember certain cartoon characters that they had watched in their childhood even after growing old. In fact, there are a long list of such characters are fondly remembered by the young and...

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28 Apr Animators Before Disney!

Animation industry for quite sometime has created an upstorm. But how many of us actually know that the origin of this word goes back to the medieval period? If one looks at the etymology of this word, it comes from the Latin word animationem which means...

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25 Apr Non Disney Animations

Hey there! Hope you have read our previous attempt on Disney Animation. Here, we are trying to discuss about animated movies, which doesn’t have the Disney tag. In the world of animation, Disney is a name that comes to mind easily. Disney had become almost synonymous...

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14 Apr Graphic and Web Design

Are you crazy about Designing? Do you aspire to see yourself in the Creative Clan?  Here's an overview on the concepts of Graphic Designing and Web Designing Who is a graphic designer? Creative domain has given rise to a variety of subjects that are studied by aspirants so as...

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