The 12 Principles of Animation


The 12 Principles of Animation Every profession or trade requires basic rules or at least a common language to unify some criteria. In most cases, there is an elementary guide that allows the development of this activity, facilitating the way for new generations. That guide, who has been shaped by those who experience, has allowed them to innovate and wish to transmit that knowledge. Animation does not escape this, although we always seek to renew in this industry, it is important to maintain some aspects and respect them whether we do traditional animation or if we are a [...]

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The Importance of Drawing in Design


The Importance of Drawing in Design Design is a discipline of anticipation, which is why drawing is a very valuable and irreplaceable tool during the creation process. Drawing is a powerful process to use as it always helps discover the best ideas and solutions to a design problem. Along with that, it will also help in achieving the closest possible result in the product that has been designed. Therefore, the drawing will always remain an important step in the design and development process. The drawing must be adjusted to reality. Training in this discipline through the practice of [...]

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The World of VFX and Compositing


The World of VFX and Compositing We will talk about a key piece in any production, Compositing, and VFX for special effects. It surrounds us, it is in front of us, we look directly at it and we are not yet able to say if its real or not. VFX is a procedure of creating imaginary Effects using live action footage which are captured using Cameras. It can be a mixture of real and animated images, for example shots form TRANSFORMERS, AVENGERS etc. Compositing is the final step of the VFX pipeline. A professional compositor layers together various [...]

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Bachelor of Visual Art


Bachelor of Visual Art When choosing a university career, in addition to analyzing your interests, talents, and goals, you must also consider what the demands for the career are. Therefore, today we will talk about the BVA Degree in Animation & Multimedia Design, an academic option that responds to current needs. That said, if you are looking for advice to boost your professional and personal growth, studying this prestigious degree in animation can be an excellent option for you. So, your next step must be to know what characteristics are needed to succeed in the [...]

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The Animation Industry


The Animation Industry Trends and strategies: The rapid advancement of technology has made animation available to the masses and has made the animation industry emerge as one of the fastest-growing industries. The demand for animated shows is ever-expanding with the increase of cable and satellite TV coupled with the ever-growing popularity of the Internet. In the past, animated shows were aimed at children below the age of nine. However, in recent years, shows such as The Simpsons, Family Guy and South Park that are aimed at teenagers and adults have also found great success. [...]

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Different Aspects of Graphics Design


Different Aspects of Graphics Design Graphic Design is a form of visual communication and that seeks the unity of typefaces, shapes, and colors in a multiplicity of meanings to convey them as a unique concept. It is a form that solves problems through the use of typography, photography, and illustration by creating visual content for communication. Graphic Design speaks to us from functionality and aesthetics, focusing on project work, whether for analog or digital media. This career will give you the ability to develop successful communication strategies, in addition to the technical skills and creative development that [...]

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Discover the career aspects of Product Design


Discover the career aspects of  Product Design In the last decade, a large number of new university careers have emerged, as is the case for example of product design. Product design is a multidisciplinary profession that consists of composing  new objects capable of satisfying any consumer needs. A product designer is dedicated to devising and coming up with new objects in order to satisfy one or more functional or aesthetic needs of consumers. For the generation of new objects, with optimized and functional designs, a graduate of Product Design has the capability in addition to an intense [...]

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All about interior design


All about interior design The setting of a house or the setting up of a trade in which all the elements agree for a single purpose; It is all part of what you learn during the interior design degree courses where you are also instructed in what it has to do with measures, with functional combinations and with how to achieve effects by simply incorporating some details or modifying some variables present in the environment. What is Interior Design as a career? Interior design as a career forms in the generation of [...]

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Introduction to Animation


Introduction to Animation What does animation mean? To understand the true meaning of animation, one must first know the origin of the word and its history. The term “Animation” is derived from the Latin words “Animō” and “Animatio.” Animō means: To quicken, live, breathe or inspire. Animatio refers to: A form of life, the act of giving life or to vitalize. Inanimate: Lifeless, not moving. Thus, ‘Animation’ refers to the act of giving life to inanimate objects”. It is a technique of making inanimate objects and drawings appear to move by breathing life into a [...]

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The best 4 Animation colleges in Bangalore


Best 4 Animation colleges in Bangalore Before starting up with the list of best animation colleges in Bangalore, we will discuss how taking up a professional course will help you get job satisfaction in future and also increase the collective knowledge and understanding in the required field to excel. So what is a professional degree? A professional degree is a system of education that contributes in preparing someone for working on a particular field, often, but not always meeting the academic requirements. Remember the dreams we had of becoming a doctor, lawyer or an animator in our childhood [...]

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