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Bachelor of Visual Arts (Animation)

Bachelor of Visual Arts (Animation)

The Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA ) Honours – Animation is segmented into a semester scheme. Traditional art, computer animation, cinematic storytelling and Vfx skills in a professional studio environment are taught here. Students master 2D and 3D animation skills , as they delve into the art of traditional art, character and BG development, digital painting , animation and more. Exhaustive real world exposure to 3D lighting, texturing, and visual storytelling , take the students closer to their artistic goals for perfection.

Students enter the realm of visual effects , which is an essential part of the movie industry and learn how to integrate computer generated characters and particle systems, such as fluids and explosions into live action shots. Students learn concepts of motion capture, Green Screen, Compositing, Dynamics, Advanced CG Lighting, Scripting, Compositing, and Motion Tracking

Track 1 (3D animation and Visual Effects)
This course helps students learn the different techniques of animation, ranging from the fundamentals of 2D drawing, Character Development, Digital Painting techniques for Visual Effects scenes and enter the 3rd Dimension in creating virtually realistic Environments, Vehicles, Creatures, Human Characters and Layout. Digital photography and Graphic Design is an additional top up in this course to learn branding and publishing.

The ability to develop a range of different models placed in different challenging environments. Informed use of texturing, shading and other techniques geared towards integration within a digital film shot is achieved on completion of this course. In reaching the advance milestone after 3 years, this course helps students in making the virtually built elements to move and animate dynamically

This course is one of the major challenges to both industry and education in working together towards a common goal – to create a new landscape of VFX training, ensuring the industry’s requirement is embedded at the heart of the curriculum

Track 2 (Graphics and Web Design)
This course helps students explore the basics and advanced stages of Art, drawings, Digital photography, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, 3D Design, Doctoring images, press & print technologies, Special effects, Web designing &developing as key areas of focus where Students can learn the secrets of creative designing.

Students will also have the ability to create and develop (web) visuals given from the client including an understanding of principles of visual organization/composition, information hierarchy, symbolic representation, typography, aesthetics, and the construction of meaningful images. With an understanding of object-oriented programming principles and learn languages and techniques that give students the ability to develop interactivity websites.

SEM 1 2D and 3D Fundamentals
SEM 2 2D and 3D Game Art & Architectural
SEM 3 2D and 3D Concept Art & Design
SEM 4 2D and 3D Animation & Visual Effects
SEM 5 Specialization & Portfolio Development
SEM 6 Project / Internship

Any aspirant would be eligible for this Bachelor degree program if he/she has completed 10+ 2 or has an equivalent qualification or has pursued a 3 year Diploma from a State Board of Technical Education.Admission & Tuition Fees – Please contact for detailed fee break-down Click here to fill out the Online Application Form 

  • Storyboard artist
  • Character Designer
  • Digital Matte Painting Artist
  • Animator
  • Motion graphics artist
  • Logo and Identity Designer
  • 3D modeler/ Character Developer
  • Rigging Artist
  • Visual effects artist
  • Post-production editor
  • Animator for websites
  • Multi-media designers
  • Teacher and Professor
  • Special and visual effects engineer
  • Studio engineer
  • Developer for computer graphics tools
  • Medical Animator
  • Architectural Designer
  • Production studios (Movies)
  • Advertising companies
  • Aeronautical engineering
  • Gaming Industries
  • Web media
  • Print media