The less known facts and figures of the superhit movie Baahubali


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Some less-known facts about the movie Baahubali

Before going into the making of this 2015 released Vfx (Visual Effects) spectacle, let’s explore some facts relating to it:

Baahubali made at a cost of Rs 250 crore, it is the most expensive movie to be made in Indian film history!

Even before it went into production, several Jain monks objected to against the film title as they did not want their peace loving God to be shown in a violent manner.

The VFX was made at a cost of Rs 85 crores as the entire movie has close to 5000 shots. It was made by the same team that made the Science Fiction thriller ‘Jurassic World’!

The poster for the movie made at dimensions of 51,968 square feet made it to the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest one ever.

Along with 17 VFX studios, over 750 technicians worked on the Art, Design and Visual Effects including 25 National Award winning artists!

To write the script of the movie took 180 days along with the pre-production whereas filming took nearly 320 days!

600 people worked only on the camera graphics part alone!

The war scene in the movie took six months to shoot and had around 250 horses, a dozen elephants and close to 2000 as supporting cast.

While the movie was initially shot in Telugu and Tamil, it was later dubbed in English, Hindi, French and Malayalam.

Best-Top-No 1-animation-colleges-institute-academy-center-Bangalore-Karnataka-India-baahubali-sceneThe waterfall sequence that is a combination of 2D and 3D effects was shot at three different locations and took 109 days for the director Rajamouli to get the right shot.

Kilikili, a new language consisting of 40 grammar rules and 750 words was invented just for this movie! This movie got an IMDB rating of 9.4 making it the first Indian movie to reach that level. Close to 15,000 storyboard sketches were used which is the highest for any Indian film till date. 110 acres of space was used at Ramoji Film City to shoot bulk of the movie. The corn fields that one sees in the movie were shot at Bulgaria! Initially, it had been grown at Ramoji Film City itself. However, since they got destroyed due to the 2014 rains, the shooting had to be shifted.

Making of the movie Baahubali

IBest-Animation-degree-courses-programs-Bangalore-rajamoulin one of the articles about Uncle Pai, one came across a certain SS Rajamouli who had gone on record to state that he had been introduced to the Amar Chitra Katha which the latter was an editor at an early age. Rajamouli also stated that being inspired by this ‘uncle’, he went onto purchase close to 400 titles of the magazine! It was by reading these that made the young Rajamouli to start “day-dreaming about those world…the kings and queens, the palaces, the battles and the talking animals”.  One may wonder who this maverick may be who went about following his dreams of doing what he envisaged in a big way. Srisaila Sri Rajamouli is indeed a legend in the making when it comes to Telugu movies.  Apart from the magnum opus Baahubali that went on to break several records, he is known for potboilers like  ‘Sye’, Vikramarkudu,  Maryada Ramanna, Vikramarkudu, Chhatrapati, Magadheera, Eega to cite a few.

The idea for making a movie like this came from Rajamouli’s father Mr. K.V Vijayendra Prasad. Most of the movies that he has made have been backed by the story given by his father. However in this case, his father gave him sketches of certain characters which were no way related to Baahubali! In his own words, he “started thinking of what kind of life they would have and relationships that would have shaped them. That’s how the story developed”.  If the storyline stood out, the usage of VFX made this movie a must watch.  In the ensuing paragraphs, what all went into this movie to make it look as good as Hollywood movie! VFX artists were roped in from studios like Makuta VFX, Firefly, Prasad, TauFilms and Dancing Digital Animation and Macrograph. The advantage that Makuta VFX had over the rest was that it had worked earlier with Rajamouli and thereby became the principal visual effects studio by default. An Arri Alexa XT digital camera with Master Prime lens was used for the first time. An ARRIRAW format was used for slow motion shots.

The role played by Makuta VFX is worth mentioning.  It can be safely said that more than half of the CGI that went into this movie were made by them!  The landscapes and backgrounds found in the kingdom of Mahishmati were largely the creations of their technicians.  The real-to-life war sequences were due to the creativity in the personnel working for Firefly Creative Studio. The battle episodes, both pre and post, was largely due to Prasad studios. Tau Films saw to breathing life into the bison done in CGI completely. Subsidiary studios like Srushti VFX joined hands with Firefly studios to ensure creation of war sequence, Annapurna studios helped in providing the best colour and audio needed for editing, Arka Media Works and Advanced Micro Devices ensured rendering of 4K content in real time!

Baahubali, which translates to- the one with mighty arms, broke many records post its release. Job-oriented-degree-courses-programs-shobu-yarlagaddaNot only did it become the first non-Hindi film to cross Rs. 100 crore (which it achieved in just one and a half day), it became the first South Indian film to make over Rs. 600 crore! It appears as though its success was already envisioned by SS Rajamouli as he released its trailer in Dolby Atmos surround sound which itself was a huge achievement for an India movie. Also, it was a huge hit in the American-Canadian, British-Irish, Australian and Malaysian markets also! The statement made by one of the producers Shobu Yarlagadda comes to mind when he said with conviction that lion’s share of Baahubali was developed that used local talent and it was produced by homegrown talent. This could serve as a valuable lesson for those talented individuals and animators who aim to strike it big one day in future.

Such technical precipice is an outcome of the advent of several softwares, techniques and tools. Animation aspirants have found the perfect route to unleash their dreams and creativity. With top best colleges and universities offering bachelors and master’s degree, plenty of successful students are living up to their dreams and satisfaction. This article has been prepared by one such successful alumnus of Animaster College, a leading international standard animation college in India.

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