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Animation on Social Networks


Animation on Social Networks Importance of Animated Content on Social Networks Today social networks are a very important point in content marketing and it is where one finds most of the information that he sees daily and this is not always in texts or images; Nowadays animation is a great source of information, not only for its content but also for the way it attracts the user's attention, whether it be in long videos or GIFs that last less than 10 seconds and are played infinitely. Animation has become an integral part of marketing as [...]

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The Anatomy of UX Designer


The Anatomy of UX Designer This professional ensures that the interaction between people and digital products is optimal. To train as such, it is recommended to have notions of design and programming. Animaster being the best graphic design college in Bangalore, always tries to provide quality education to the students which can increase their possibility of a good future. The interaction that human beings have daily with the existing information systems in computers, tablets, mobiles, and various technological products has caused that, in the world of technology, research, business, and design, it has been increasingly [...]

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Discover the Breadth of Design


Discover the Breadth of Design One of the professional careers that have the most variables within its fields of education without a doubt is Design. This is because it is present in many areas of our day to day life. When referring to design, it is clear that we are not just referring to the action as such, but to the set of actions that this work encompasses, regardless of the branch in which it is carried out. Being among the best design college in Bangalore, Animaster has always tried to come up with articles that can [...]

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3D -Animation


What is 3d animation? The definition of 3D animation comes to be a computerized process used by animators to give the feeling of movement through the creation of sequences of 3d still images. You have heard about it, have you? Let's go back to the beginning. Animation has its origin in the Latin "Anima" and whose meaning is "Soul". Therefore animating means giving soul to a character or an object so that it seems to come to life, think and act for itself. However, technically 3d animation is done using programs or applications that simulate [...]

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Design Career: 6 of the Highest Paid Jobs


Design Career: 6 of the Highest Paid Jobs The essence of the profession The designer is constructing. It creates for the customer a new world - comfortable and pleasing to the eye. He/she knows what is well constructed and what is bad. His main task is to transform into a client and look at the world through his eyes to create what a person will like. Everyone expects from the designer beauty, style, lightness, sophistication, understanding only a picture pleasing to the eye. But this is a very narrow view because the designer is also [...]

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Graphic Design


Advantages and Disadvantages of Graphic Design Magazine covers, newspaper pages, packaging and advertisements on buses are just some of the projects graphic designers work on. They consider visual elements as subtle as white space and typography, and as attractive as interactive web pages. People with artistic talent and computer skills often make successful graphic design careers. Animaster is listed in the top graphic design college in Bangalore and has always come up with articles that can give insights on the career a student wants to opt for. There are pros and cons for all careers and an [...]

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Benefits of Studying Graphic Design


Benefits of Studying Graphic Design If you are about to finish high school and are interested in art and creativity, you may consider reading this article. Animaster being one of the best graphic design colleges in Bangalore, always try to bring to you reasons why you should choose your creativity above everything when it comes to education. Graphic Design is considered a creative study that uses techniques to convey ideas through elements that are incorporated in print, digital media, and so on. The Graphic Design career could be a very good option for you, it has a [...]

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The Definitive Guide of Interior Design Style- Part II


The Definitive Guide of Interior Design Style- Part II In our previous blog, we wrote about 9 different styles of interior design. In that, we have explained the Kitsch, Nordic, Modern, Contemporary, Industrial, Eclectic, Art Deco, Minimalist, and Romantic styles of interior design. If you haven't read the blog, I will suggest you click here and give a read. Animaster have always tried to provide quality content that can help an aspiring applicant choose their field of creativity. That is one of the reasons why we are counted as one of the best interior design colleges in [...]

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The Definitive Guide of Interior Design Style – Part I


The Definitive Guide of Interior Design Style - Part I The definition of interior design is, Interior design is all about how we experience spaces. It's a powerful, essential part of our daily lives and affects how we live, work, play, and even heal. It is the art and science of improving the interior of a space to achieve a healthier and aesthetically more pleasant environment for people who use the space. Interior design is an on demand career option for applicants who are interested in this art form. Animaster being reputed bachelor of interior design colleges [...]

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The World of Logo Design


The World of Logo Design Have you ever thought about designing a logo? Before going into the details of choosing a logo design for a company, which, besides, will be used for a commercial website or corporate blog, it is important to mention that there is no right or wrong logo design. Graphic designers today use modern technology to create designs which are unique and it also connects psychologically. Being one of the best animation colleges in Bangalore, we try and provide every aspect of learning to the students. A logo is one of [...]

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