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Animation Professional (ANI- PRO)

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Animation Professional (ANI- PRO)

Focusing upon the animation techniques this 14 months power-packed course takes a student from novice to an animation specialist. Learning the traditional 2D, digital 2D, and advanced 3D animation techniques, the student is able to create a powerful animation portfolio fit for any production studio. Detailed pre-production and production techniques coupled with mastering of different animation principles and styles used world over gives an edge to the student. Anatomy study, character development, special effects in 2D and humanoid rigging and animation in MAYA add to the course’s strength.

Objective and Learning Outcomes

  • Creating concept arts using Photoshop
  • Creating cartoonistic characters and caricatures
  • Creating dynamic poses of characters
  • Creating layouts, staging and animation storyboards
  • Creating traditional and digital animation
  • Creating flash animations
  • Creating special effects and compositing
  • Creating game objects and game levels in Flash
  • Positioning camera and motion path animation
  • Modeling landscapes, architectural structures and vehicles
  • Creating  cartoon characters and realistic characters
  • Understanding texturing pipeline using MAYA – Photoshop
  • Creating advanced textures in Z-Brush
  • Creating facial rig and an advanced human rig
  • Animating models with different weights and their volumes
  • Creating interior and exterior lighting
  • Simulating dynamic objects and expositions



Part-I                     2D Digital Animation

  • Orientation Module
  • Human & Animal Anatomy
  • 2D Production Pipeline
  • Animation Principles
  • Advanced animation techniques
  • Digital Animation
  • Flash Gaming
  • Post Production
  • Project

Part-II                   3D Animation

  • Orientation Module
  • MAYA pipeline & Interface
  • Architectural & props modeling
  • Organic modeling
  • Texturing
  • Animation 1-      Rigging
  • Animation 2-      Lighting & rendering dynamics
  • Project

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14 months

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A fantastic career in concept art and creating cartoons awaits you.

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