Animation Foundation Program

Animation Foundation Program

Animation Foundation Program

Animaster Animation College recognizes the need for good drawing skills in a budding animator and hence structured….

AFP or Animaster Foundation Program aims at providing a complete foundation for animation. To become a good animator, it is important to know drawing. We have recognized the need for good drawing skills in a budding animator and hence structured the AFP program in such a way that a student with no drawing experience can be a part of it. The levels of the program intensifies as the student progresses.

The student is introduced to the production pipeline and the knowledge of the current animation industry. The student starts with basics of drawing and finishes with the student knowledgeable in human anatomy, character and layout designing. At the end of the drawing program, the student progresses to traditional animation, where the student learns the foundation principles of animation and also becomes proficient in character animation. Storyboarding, a much coveted skill in the industry, is also taught in the program.

What am I going to get from this course

This program aims to develop the drawing skills in a student. So we expect the student to be fully prepared for the program. The student is supposed to have the basic materials for a drawing program. Drawing pencils of at least three different grades HB, 2B, 4B is preferable. The student must possess materials like bi-pencils, eraser and sharpener too. Drawing takes a lot of practice so the student must have a lot of drawing sheets. Also an idea can strike anywhere, so it is recommended that the student carries a personal sketchbook everywhere

AFP is divided into 4 levels

  1. History of Animation & Animation Industry
    • Getting Started
    • Drawing Fundamentals
    • Perspective
    • One Point Perspective
    • Two Point Perspective
    • Three Point Perspective
    • Multi Point Perspective
    • Light, Shade and Shadow
  2. Animation Foundation Program
    • Human Anatomy
    • Male Anatomy
    • Female Anatomy
    • Animal anatomy
    • Action poses
  3. Character Construction
    • Basic Character Construction
    • Animation techniques
    • Basic princples of animation
    • Application of Animation Principles
    • Character Animation
  4. Scripting and Soundtracks
    • Pre-Production
    • Character Designing
    • Prop Designing