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Story Building for your own Animation Film

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Story Building for your own Animation Film

The USP of any film is the story. Same for animated movies. And impediments galore obstructing ways for a good story animated movie. The creative black-out where ideas don’t leap. It is even harder to perceive an idea and on to paper. The probable hack is to come up with as multiple ideas. Not all the ideas will be mind-blowing and some may be just average. The trick is to create and re-create. The more you do the more you attempt perfection. This adds to the whole process. Indulging into an idea for a movie that adheres to your interest, and commitment to a project can take you a cut above the entire clan of animators. As you will devote huge time in the work it has to captivate the target audience. Keep in mind that your range for target audience has to grow every day. The deadlines have to be considered and met with priority. Selecting apt words for the dialogues or verses is equally important as the storyline. You may play a hunch by picking random words from the dictionary. Referring to varied works helps a lot at the initial level. Pick a word, colours or shapes and let it tickle your imagination. This can be your initiation point and improvisation to follow.


In advanced stage, referring to online and printed articles, short stories, novels and verses will help you to understand and create a lovely piece of artwork. There are many poems, folklores and ballads that can constitute to a fine story of movie. Making précis of the existing examples can save time, energy and give a better impetus to your work. The other issue that comes across is the lack of clarity. The storyline somewhat babbles midway. Just after seeding the idea, branch it to the flow. A script develops over time.

Best-Animation-degree-courses-programs-Bangalore-ideaYou need to define the idea of the story right from the start of your film. At the same time, indulge the audience into intriguing to the climax. Inciting the audience is the key to success. A good story has a satisfying end. What’d clasp the audience from the Title to Credits is how you have weaved the idea top to tail. You need to have a clear picture of where to start and where to end. Once you are sure of the beginning and the end sections, the rest becomes easy as it falls under organic logic. This way of working also means that you can jump around and work on different sections developing one, then leaving it to work on another, working in a bit more of an organic way. Yes, edits do take place. But when you work in a sequential approach, completing the job takes pace. The elements of the plot needs to tickle the curiosity of the spectator. Remember, your story can be about a ‘Letter’, but should not read as a letter.

Best-Animation-degree-courses-programs-Bangalore-Karnataka-India-toyThe design of your work will be one of the major strengths or weaknesses of your film. Now whether it works or doesn’t will come down to how well you have researched and developed the idea. The wise would suggest you to look at the prospective possibilities required for the plot-set. Being both an animation artist and the screen-playwright is a tough job, but it opens more scopes and avenues for you in the industry. Following the right way in the process can provide impetus to your endeavor!

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