Best 3D Max CAD Architectural walkthrough courses | Animaster, Bangalore


Learn 3D Max Architectural walkthrough videos at the best college in Bangalore

Animaster Academy conducts certificate courses in 3D Architectural Walkthrough. These software courses are meant for architects and interior designers. The 6-month long university approved course covers the use of 3D in architectural designs, buildings and structures. At the end of the course, the student will be able to build a virtual environment in 3D and develop a walkthrough video of the complete design created. One can develop high end HD renders of exteriors and interiors.

Course structure

Students will be taught to create videos using softwares like 3Ds Max and CAD. They will learn how to use 3D Modeling, Texturing, Lighting and Rendering to successfully create walk-through videos or fly-through.

This computer course helps in visualizing and designing effectively. One can master the art of virtual photo-realistic walkthrough to impress one’s clients with interior and exterior views of buildings.

The faculty and equipment

This course will be taught by 3D animation experts. They are well educated and have tremendous experience in this field as they have worked closely in a production environment previously. They also have great teaching experience and have improvised the course to suit the needs of an architect or interior designer.

They will use computer systems which offer great performance complete with the latest graphics card, fast CPU, render farms and drivers. Advanced tools and features of the software will be taught.

Why use 3D animation for architectural designs?

Many clients do not understand floor plans and elevations. To the layman, these interpretations for houses and buildings are difficult to visualize. 2D and CAD drawings can come across as complicated without being able to convey the sense of space and volume a structure occupies. When the same information is presented in the form of a 3D architectural design or walkthrough, it becomes easy to comprehend.

Projects become more realizable when the information is available in 3D format. The high quality photo-realistic rendering and lighting designs help in conveying and convincing committees of builders, developers, architects or clients.

One can create exterior and interior 3D rendering, 3D colored floor plans, site plan rendering, bird’s eye vistas or aerial views and more. These various views together give a sense of tangibility to an architectural project by imparting a true sense of proportion and scale. The real-life textures and lights and shadows go a long way in attracting potential investors.

What’s the future for architectural walkthrough video?

Architectural walkthrough is considered to have a bright future ahead of it. This is because more and more architects and real estate developers are including computer animations in their marketing programs. No design presentation is complete without a 3D visualization.

While planning brochures and designing websites, these computer-generated Max or Maya 3D models and animated digital tours will help in providing energetic and exciting life-like designs for your construction ventures. Additionally a computer-created environment around the building will enhance reality and better convey its connection to the surrounding. It will also give great benefit to the marketing and sales team.