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Learn Degree-Diploma in Graphic Design

Best Graphic Design courses in Bangalore, India

Animaster Animation College offers the best graphic design curriculum in Bangalore combining creativity and academics equally. Exploiting the new and the old successfully, from multimedia to typography, photography to the internet, design is at the core of communication in all our courses. Pursue a B. Sc degree program or Diploma in Graphics design. You can even take up a certificate course which is highly job-oriented. A student who has completed his/her 12th is eligible for any of the above two courses whereas a student who has just finished his 10th can apply for a certificate program at our college.

Graphic Software taught

We teach Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Indesign as part of the graphics design training classes at our institute. The syllabus for the graphics designing course has been well-structured to include theory as well as practical assignments and project portfolio building which is essential to master design subjects. The training is imparted by senior faculty members who are well-versed in the design space. The classes are conducted in special labs which have high-end systems equipped with the latest software. No wonder we are rated among the top 10 digital design colleges in India.

What is graphic designing?

This involves designing of logos, visiting cards and other brand-identity related elements; the creation of posters, banners, brochures, leaflets, hoardings for advertising and product designing. Also part of graphics designing, is the creation of layouts and templates for magazines and newsletters. You’ll also learn color theory, the basics of printing, typography and the importance of visual communication.

Career options for a graphic designer

As a graphic designer, you would be working towards the creation of logos, posters, brochures, visiting cards and such other print media related products. Graphics designers can find job opportunities in Stores, Colleges, Advertising Agencies, Print Shops, Corporations, Direct-Mail Advertising Companies, with Music Publishers and Record Companies, Public Relations Firms, Clip Art Services, Architectural and Interior Design Firms, Museums and Art Galleries, Publications – Newspapers, Magazines, etc.

Advantages of the graphics design classes

All the courses culminate in a project which serves as a career portfolio. This portfolio encompasses all the various aspects of the program, driving home a specific concept in each design. This is the key essence of your creative capability during an interview. Since the graphics design field is extremely vocational, getting an insight into your hidden potential through the portfolio is definitely an advantage.

Why graphic designing?

As you look around, you see a world that’s emerging with rich multimedia content. Be it television, movies, video games, advertising in newspapers, magazines, billboards or the internet, design elements are present everywhere. From the logo of a brand in the supermarket to an app on the Smartphone, these visually stimulating multimedia content are omnipresent. These elements are the result of creative and talented graphics designers. A fast emerging and colorful field it has caught the career fascination of many aspiring students making it the No.1 choice.

Graphics Design Tips -n- Tricks


Non-destructive editing technique used in Photoshop is called Masking. Here certain layers of an image are masked or hidden revealing only what is required. But the hidden part is always available and never completely deleted. Photoshop offers five different masking methods – Layer Mask, Quick Mask, Vector Mask, Channel mask and Clipping mask.

To edit an image in Photoshop, the lasso tool is commonly used. This provides very rough editing. The eraser tool can be pretty time-consuming cumbersome and irreversible as well. Masking makes photo and image editing simple and convenient without loss of any original data.

In a layer mask, portions of a layer can masked. Anything that is black in the mask is hidden in the layer and anything that is white is visible.

In a quick mask, the masked areas appear in light red and selection can be made accordingly.In a vector mask, vector shapes are used to create the masks. Pen tools and paths are used to create the vector shapes and these are more accurate then the pixel masks.In a clipping mask, the required portion in a top layer can be clipped onto a bottom layer, thereby choosing the required portion to be clipped for visibility masking out the rest of the content.

All in all the masking techniques offered by Photoshop make it a very efficient photo and image editing software.